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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hallelujah! Roscoe Lands State Funding to Improve City Water

Anybody who’s lived in Roscoe in recent years knows the problems caused by the minerals in the water.  They create difficulties and shorten the lives of all sorts of appliances that use water—coffee makers, water heaters, shower heads, icemakers, dishwashers, and so on—besides being less than ideal for drinking, especially for expectant mothers, small children, and certain others.
But because of its demographics, the persistence of the city manager, mayor, and city council, and a little bit of luck, Roscoe will receive $1,765,000 from the state in the form of a loan that is 100% loan-forgiveness qualified.  That’s quite a chunk of change for a city the size of Roscoe.  Of that amount, $1,265,000 is for the construction of a new reverse-osmosis water treatment plant and $500,000 will go to sorely needed city water line improvements. 
The City of Roscoe unsuccessfully applied for the loan over a year ago but reapplied and hit the jackpot this time around.  City Manager Cody Thompson and City Council members Ken Brawley and Robert McBride recently made a trip to Austin to attend a hearing on the issue and got the good news earlier this week.  They will be returning there on October 21 to coordinate with the state on the project.  
Construction of the new water treatment plant and work on the water lines should begin sometime next year.  The process of reverse osmosis produces pure, clean water that will enhance the quality of life for everyone in Roscoe in a multitude of ways.  This development is great news, and sincere thanks are due to everyone who’s played a part in bringing it about. 
FOOTBALL:  The Plowboys lost to Munday last week 31-0.  Enough said.  This week they had an open date, and next week they’ll begin district play in Hamlin against the Pied Pipers.  Hamlin is 3-2 on the year with losses only to Stamford and Albany.
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  1. Hallelujah! It will be so nice to have the purified water coming from the sink! It will save mother a lot of money! Thanks to those who helped
    access the grant for these improvements!


    And Merkel STILL beating Roscoe. DOES NOTHING CHANGE IN THIS WORLD??


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