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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roscoe High School Prepares for the Future

Architect's drawing of the new Roscoe High School building.

The Roscoe High School building we all know and love is now entering its final days of use.  A lot of water has passed under the bridge since it opened for business some three-quarters of a century ago, and in that time there have been within its walls countless first loves, breakups, fistfights, practical jokes, honors, performances, and other milestones of life—not to mention the knowledge gained from the many great teachers who dedicated their lives to the endeavor.  But, as Robert McBride reminded us at Homecoming, time marches on, and the day is rapidly approaching when classes will cease and students clean out their lockers for the last time there.  

According to Superintendent Kim Alexander, the last day for the old building will be at midterm in December.  In January, it goes into abatement, and in February it will be demolished.  Immediately thereafter, construction of the new High School building will begin.  The architect’s illustration above shows that something of the old building’s appearance is maintained with the twin bell towers that have characterized the school since 1938.    

Other changes have already happened or are happening now.  The elementary school has been remodeled and renovated, and at midterm students will be moving into other areas now nearing completion.  These include a new early childhood center, and, where early childhood has been, a new wing for math and science classes.  There is also a new technology center with an innovative open classroom area observable from above, along with a couple of conference rooms and offices.  

The result will be a cutting-edge facility that should serve our students well for decades to come.  
The building will feature a new gym as well as classrooms.


  1. I was so sad to hear the old HS was going to be torn down. Part of me wishes the money was available to restore it but I understand the need for a new building. I'm so glad to see that they've incorporated aspects of the old building into the new design. Thanks for doing this blog. It's a great way for us out-of-towners to keep up with what's going on.
    Amy (Pieper) Webb

  2. Bet, the students will not have lockers at the new high school? It's a "drug" thing!
    Nice, to have a new school, I thought the building was old in 1961!!!!


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