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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

City Approves Improvements to Downtown Park

Artist's depiction of the proposed layout for Old Town Park. The view is from Cypress at the bottom looking west toward the alley at the top.  This drawing does not show the brick wall to be built in the back, and does show a gazebo, which will have to wait until the budget allows it.
At its meeting in City Hall on Monday evening, the Roscoe Community Development Corporation, also known as the B Board, approved proposed improvements to Old Town Park, the downtown park on Cypress across the street from City Hall and the Roscoe State Bank. 

Improvements will feature a “plaza” in the form of a large Texas star approached by three semi-circular walkways and surrounded by lawns and a memorial to George Parks on the concrete slab that was once the floor of the Roscoe Times office.  On either side of the star will be a large lamppost with a 19-inch tall globe. 

There will also be a brick wall about 32” tall built along the alley in the back, which will have electrical outlets that can be plugged into during city events.  The landscaper’s drawing for the park also includes a gazebo, but that will have to wait until the City’s budget allows it.

Work will begin on these improvements in March and will be finished in time for the Spring Fling on April 21.  



Roscoe’s second Spring Fling Celebration will be on Saturday, April 21.  Like last year, it will be held downtown “on the bricks” and will feature vendors, a bounce house and other kids’ inflatables, as well as live music, a street dance, and a fireworks show. 

This year’s headline band is Eleven Hundred Springs, a popular Texas country rock band from the Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex.  One of the few remaining outlaw country bands, their influences include Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, and Doug Sahm.  Some of their recorded songs may be heard by clicking here.

Having shared the stage with Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams III, and others, they should be just what local folks need to shake the winter doldrums and welcome the return of spring.



Randy Boehmer just east of Roscoe yesterday afternoon.
If you happened to notice someone coming through Roscoe yesterday in a covered wagon pulled by a team of Belgian draft mules, that would have been Randy Boehmer, coming down from northern Colorado and heading east along I-20.

A former taxidermist, he has been on the road now for almost four years, crisscrossing the country in his wagon with his dogs and mules and spreading the gospel to all who are willing to listen.  A big sign on the sides of his wagon says, “Jesus Saves. Ask Him.” 

When asked how he manages to live, he responded by saying, “God provides.”  Most of his earthly possessions are there with him in his wagon.  “Things aren’t important,” he said. “Life here on earth is short compared to eternity.” A small feed wagon attached behind contains hay and oats for his mules. 

He was more interested in talking about Jesus than about himself, but he did say his life changed after he watched his wife die of cancer.  He began reading the Bible during that time, accepted Jesus, and has been spreading the word of God ever since.

When last seen, he was on the access road next to I-20 on his way to Sweetwater.  



On Thursday night it rained just enough to get the sidewalk wet, and the second half of last week was cooler than normal.  The high temperature Saturday was only 37°F with a wind chill factor of 23°.  On Sunday, the high was 32°, and that afternoon it snowed steadily for a couple of hours, leaving about an inch and a half of snow on the ground.  Roscoe’s weatherman, Kenny Landfried, recorded .31” of precipitation from the snowfall.

Then Monday was one of those quick changes typical of Texas.  It was sunny and warmed up into the sixties, and by three o’clock all of Sunday’s snow was completely gone.  It was followed yesterday by one of those beautiful spring days that arrives early—sunny skies, a light breeze, and a 72°F afternoon.  You couldn’t ask for a prettier day, especially in the middle of February.

The forecast is for another warm day today, but windier this time around, followed by cooler days this weekend with highs in the mid-fifties and lows in the mid-thirties.  



This year’s spring cleanup will be from Monday, March 26, through Saturday, March 31.  Dumpsters will be available at the Roscoe recycling center at Business US 84 just across the railroad tracks, and separate areas will be designated for tree limbs, brush, and metal objects.


At its meeting last night in City Hall, the City Council passed an ordinance pertaining to mobile homes, travel trailers, and “HUD-Code Manufactured Homes,” or homes transportable in pieces at least 8 feet wide and 40 feet long. 

Such structures moving into the city will have to have proper skirting, anchoring, and blocking in accordance with state standards.  Ones already in the city will not be subject to the new requirements unless they are sold and under new ownership. 

Travel trailers may be brought in temporarily during the construction or repair of a home but will require a written permit from the City of Roscoe.  Permits will be valid for six months and must follow the city standards for the disposal of sewage and trash.

For details, contact City Hall at 325-766-3871.

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