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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Wind Energy Documentary Features Roscoe Wind Farm

A plane flies over the Roscoe Wind Farm in the documentary "Switch."
The Roscoe Wind Farm is once again a featured subject in a documentary film on energy.  

This time the film is “Switch,” a production of Arcos Films and the American Geosciences Institute.  In it, Dr. Steve Tinker, the State Geologist of Texas and a Professor of Geosciences at the University of Texas, explores the world’s leading energy sources, from oil and coal to solar and biofuels, in an attempt to discover the most pragmatic approach for solving the energy needs of the future. 

In the documentary’s look at wind energy, Dr. Tinker comes to the Roscoe Wind Farm and interviews Cliff Etheredge in a video that lasts for a little over nine minutes.  You can view it by clicking here.

The complete documentary, winner of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival and recipient of several other awards, has been highly praised since its release.  You can learn more about it at the website of the Switch Energy Project.



George Parks checks out money to waiting boys on a 1962 trip to Yellowstone Park.

After last week’s call for donations for a permanent memorial to George Parks, we have received several nice contributions from the following donors:

      Ken Brawley
      Lois Brawley
      David Duncan
      Edwin Duncan
      Harold Duvall
      Danny Jay
      Billy Joe Jay
      John Jay
      The Lumberyard
      James Pietzsch
      John Wayne Raines
      Tony Tidwell
      Gay Young

We thank those who have given.  We now have exactly half of the $3100 needed to pay for the monument.

But we still need help from some of you "stupid little freaks" who don’t want to pass up this one-time opportunity to show your appreciation to a man who gave of himself to make your life a little better.  

Let’s keep those donations coming in.  We’ve still got a ways to go.

You can drop off your donation at the Roscoe State Bank, or you can mail it to the George Parks Memorial Fund, Roscoe State Bank, P. O. Box 609, Roscoe, Texas 79545.  Make checks payable to the George Parks Memorial Fund.



The Community Center will be the site of a meeting on Tuesday, August 7, at 7:00pm to make plans for the fundraiser on August 17 along with future activities to be held in the Community Center.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.

Then on Friday, August 17, from 6:00-9:00pm, there will be a supper held at the Community Center to raise funds for it and to show recent improvements, including new paint, a new ceiling and a newly buffed floor, as well as the results of other cleaning done by several adult volunteers and by Coilla Smith and several of her high school students.

The supper will be $6.00 and will consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks.  Everyone is invited.



Last week we got a much needed rain.  

On Wednesday evening we got a light shower in town, enough to get the ground wet but not much more than that.  I had a tenth of an inch in my rain gauge.  Then on Thursday afternoon and evening it rained considerably more.  The heaviest rains were to the south and west, but practically everyone got something.

Roscoe got about an inch.  I had an inch in my rain gauge, and the City Shop just west of the baseball field had the same.  Kenny Landfried on the east side of town got .78”, and Lyndall Underwood on the west side got 1.2”. 

West of town, David Duncan (3 miles west on the railroad track) got 1.33”, Arlon Orman got 1.5”, Champion got 2.0”, and so did Phil Wright.  Kenny Landfried had 1.9” on his place near Cottonwood Creek, and the Rolling Plains Coop Gin received the same.

Five miles north of town Tim Tomlin got .8” while Pyron got 1.0”, and Jimmy Hudgins, six miles northeast of Pyron, got 1.5”.

The heaviest area rain I heard of was 3.5 inches on the Compton Ranch south of Maryneal.  Lake Sweetwater got 2.4” and Lake Trammell had .95”

Since then, a high pressure system has moved in, the skies have cleared, and temperatures have heated up into the triple digits.  Yesterday it was 102°F, and today and tomorrow it is supposed to go up to 105°.  Highs predicted for the weekend are in the 103° range, cooling down to a mere 101° or so on Sunday and Monday.  Lows will be in the upper and mid seventies. 

There is no rain in the forecast.



Voting in the school cafetorium was almost evenly split in yesterday's Republican runoff elections, but not in the Democratic one. Here are the results for Roscoe.

Republican Runoffs:

      U. S. Senator
            Ted Cruz 32
            David Dewhurst 32

      Railroad Commissioner
            Christi Craddick 30
            Warren Chisum 29

      Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term)
            Barry Smitherman 26
            Greg Parker 27

      Supreme Court Justice, Place 4
            John Devine 28
            David Medina 27

Democratic Runoff:

      U. S. Senator
            Paul Sadler 6
            Grady Yarbrough 1

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