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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plowboys Lose to Breckenridge in First Game at State Tourney

The Plowboys had their eyes on the stars in their team photo but came up short in their first game at Ennis Monday when they lost to Breckenridge 18-4.  At the end of four they were still in the game, behind 9-4, but the game got away from them in the fifth inning. 

Their next game is today at 5:00pm when they take on the winner of the Anson-Brownwood game.


by Andy Wilson, Principal

Roscoe Elementary School will host the 2013 Meet the Teacher night on August 8th at 6:00 pm.  The event will begin in the cafeteria where we conduct our annual Title I meeting and introduce our faculty and staff.  Student class assignments will be posted at the cafeteria as well.  Students and parents will be dismissed from the cafeteria to visit their classes and meet their teachers.  Please bring all school supplies that evening as well.  We look forward to seeing you August 8th at 6:00 pm!



Traffic will remain open on I-20 West for the time being.
Reconstruction of the US 84 bridge east of Roscoe has once again been delayed, and traffic on I-20 west, originally scheduled for closing yesterday and today, will be open for the foreseeable near future.

The pouring of concrete on the bridge, which would have caused the traffic closure, won’t be possible until some of the bridge’s beams are adjusted.  Just exactly how long that will take is not known at this time.

This will set back the date of final completion once again.  Construction was expected to be done in about three or four weeks, but now they’re not so sure.



Why were all the girls wearing outfits, why were there clowns, and what could this group be representing?
High School Principal Edward Morales received a pleasant surprise this week when he got in his e-mail an old Roscoe school photograph.  Someone has numbered everyone in the group on the photo itself and has then written all the names on the back.  The girls are dressed in outfits something like hotel bellhops of the time, complete with little fez-like hats, and to compound the mystery, three of the girls are dressed as clowns, complete with painted faces.  The boys, however, are dressed in normal clothing, and in the front are three kids who appear to be mascots.

The donor of the photo is a man from Frisco, Robert Hood, who says he is a historian.  He noticed the Roscoe pennant and knew it must be a school photo from Roscoe High, but he didn’t know anyone pictured, nor did he know when the photo was taken. 

A little sleuth work by the school’s secretary, Christi Beal and TIEMS Co-ordinator Dianna Heady, solved the photo’s date.  By going back through the old school records, they were able to determine that the oldest students in the photo were ones who graduated in 1928, giving them a terminus ad quem, or final possible date for the photograph.  Of course, those older students were also seniors in the fall of 1927, so it might have been taken then. 

There are some familiar names and faces in the photo.  The boy (2) next to the teacher is Louis Kerby, and the boy (32) almost hidden behind the girls (31) and (33) is Talmage Wiman.  The little boy in front (46) is Billy Whorton.  Thelma Ater (34) and her twin sister, Velma (38), were Clyde Ater’s sisters, and Thelma, who married Ray Hendricks, lived in and around Roscoe all her life.  The boy in the white shirt (22) on the right side of the picture is L. G. Anthony, a son of long-time RHS teacher Vera Anthony, or Mrs. A, as she was known.  He later played basketball at McMurry.

You may recognize others.  Mr. Hood, who donated the photo, would like to learn as much as possible about it.  Like us, he would also be delighted to learn why these students were dressed as they were and what they represented.  My guess is that they may have been in a play, but that’s just a shot in the dark. 

If you can provide any information about others in the photo, please let the High School know.  The number is 325-766-3327.

A very large version of this photo along with the names written on the back may be seen at the Roscoe Historical Museum website.  It is this week’s Photo of the Week, and by clicking on the photo in the right-hand column of this page, you will be taken to a larger version.  Click on that one twice, and you will get the largest image available.


Water is still standing in some lake beds. This one is about 5 miles southwest of town.
The shower of about ½” that fell last Wednesday concluded a rare July rain spell for the Roscoe area that has changed the outlook for this year’s crops and has farmers smiling.

The rain, which for most area farmers totaled somewhere between 2¾” and 4½”, was just what the dryland crops needed.  It was a little late in some spots, which suffered under the previous dry conditions, but was a lifesaver for the greater part.  The area now at least has a chance for a decent crop.

Since the rains, temperatures have been a little below normal for July in Roscoe, but with every passing day, the highs have been consistently working their way up.  Thursday the high was 85°, Friday it was 87°, Saturday 90°, Sunday 91°, Monday 91°, yesterday 94°, and the forecast for today is 96°.

Tomorrow the prediction is for 97°, Friday 98°, with mid to high nineties for the weekend.  There is a 20% chance of rain on Friday.


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  1. I undersand the Plowboys showed as much class in defeat as they do in victory. Just as it should be.


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