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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

City Council Gets Updates on Water Situation, Police Activity

Police Chief Felix Pantoja informs Council of police activity in December.
At its monthly meeting Thursday evening, the City Council received several updates on City activity.  City Manager Cody Thompson reported that problems continue at the Water Treatment Plant as the recent ice storm brought down the antenna that feeds information to the computerized SCADA system, putting it out of commission.  It should be back online within the next two weeks or so.

Thompson met with Oncor on Thursday concerning the placement of additional street lighting on FM 608 by the Stone Tower RV Park and Young Farm Estates.  Progress on the Young Farm Estates continues with sewer line problems corrected and curb, gutter, and street improvements beginning soon.  Oncor should be finished with the electric lines there in the next couple of weeks.

The new Police Department is also just about complete, and its Open House is coming soon.  Work on the restrooms at the Fire Department is about to begin, and a new pump and wiring have been installed at the Sanitary Sewer Plant.

Police Chief Felix Pantoja also reported to the Council on City Police activity during the month of December.  A meth lab was put out of business, stolen property recovered, and three felony arrests made in addition to several unrelated minor infractions.



When Roscoe Officer Steven Spencer scanned vehicles at Stripes with his ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) early yesterday afternoon, he was surprised to find that one of them was listed as stolen.

The vehicle, a grey Dodge SUV, headed east on I-20 with Spencer following.  He turned on his flashing lights, but the male driver refused to pull over, so he notified the Sweetwater Police Department and the DPS for backup and was joined by a DPS trooper.  Spikes were set out, but the driver avoided them by driving into the ditch and continued on until he finally pulled over at around the Taylor County line.

The driver was then booked and taken to the Nolan County jail, while the vehicle was impounded and taken to an undisclosed location.  Officer Spencer was assisted in the arrest by Sweetwater Police, DPS Troopers, the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office, and the 32nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office.



Burning brush at the site on Sunday afternoon.  (Photo by Mike Massey)
Fallen tree limbs caused by the recent ice storm are still lying in yards all over town.  People have been disposing of them at the site of the Homecoming bonfires, i.e., on the north side of town at the first caliche road on the right when you’re going north on FM 608 (aka North Cypress St.).  The woodpile is just beyond the end of the fence on the north side of the road.

The City requests that this Saturday, January 24, be the last day for disposing of tree limbs and brush at that site.  Everyone is urged to put only completely combustible materials on the pile—no plastics, metal, glass, or any other non-combustibles.

The City also wishes to remind everyone that it is not responsible for the removal of broken limbs.  Residents must take care of that themselves.

For more information, contact City Hall at 325-766-3871.



The Plowboys were 1-1 in district play this past week, beating Hamlin 44-25 and losing to Haskell 48-37.  Javier Leanos had a breakout game against Hamlin, scoring 22 points—as much as the total for the rest of the team.  Here is the scoring by quarters for both games, followed by individual Plowboy scoring totals for each.

Plowboys 44 – Hamlin 25

Hamlin               3          7        20        25
Plowboys          15        24        37        44

Scoring: Javier Leanos 22, Isaiah Gonzales 7, Kevin Lavalais 7, Rafael Aguayo 5, Luis Villa 2, Cutter Davila 1

Haskell 48 – Plowboys 37

Haskell             9          23        36        48
Plowboys          8          17        26        37

Scoring: Leanos 10, Lavalais 10, Villa 8, Aguayo 6, Davila 2



The Plowgirls had a rough week in basketball, losing two district games, the first to Hamlin 31-24 on Friday evening in Hamlin, and the second to Haskell 48-25 last night in Haskell.  Here is the scoring by quarters for each followed by individual Plowgirl scoring:

Hamlin 31 – Plowgirls 24

Hamlin           6          12        19         31
Plowgirls       11          15        19         24

Scoring: Olivia Saddler 12, Mia Herrera 5, Selena Perez 5, Samantha Ortega 4

Haskell 48 – Plowgirls 25

Haskell             8          27        41        48
Plowgirls          4          10        16        25

Scoring: Ortega 10, Saddler 7, Herrera 3, Danielle Dean 3, Magali Casas 2

Next up for the Plowboys and Plowgirls are two home games, the first against Stamford on Friday evening and the second with Winters next Tuesday.



Several people have been asking what that Medevac helicopter was doing when it landed at the school yesterday around lunch time.  Fourth graders were playing on the football field and, when one boy suddenly stopped, another one ran into him at full speed, hitting his upper leg hard enough to break his femur.  Paramedics were called and after examining the injury decided to call in the helicopter as a precautionary measure.

The boy was then flown to Hendrick Medical Center for treatment.  He had surgery last night and is doing well this morning.  He will be in the hospital for a couple more days.



It’s been a nice week for weather, considering the time of year—maybe a bit breezy at times, but mostly sunshine and clear skies—and definitely warmer than it was the week before.  Temperatures through the weekend and up to yesterday were into the sixties with the high of 70°F coming on Monday.  Lows were cool but above freezing, ranging from the upper thirties to lower forties.

All that will change today, though.  The high today should reach only about 50°, and there is a 70% chance of rain this afternoon and evening.  Chances reach 100% tonight with rain or possibly snow and winds from the north at 10-15mph.  Tomorrow’s high will be only about 37° with a 70% chance of rain or snow during the day, decreasing to 40% tomorrow night when the temperature will be around 32°.  On Friday a warming trend begins with a high of 47°, a low of 31°, and a 20% chance of rain.

Saturday and Sunday will be sunnier and warmer, but without a chance of precipitation. Saturday’s high will be around 56° and Sunday’s 63°.  Lows will be in the upper thirties both days.


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