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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Roscoe Man Charged in 2013 Murder in Snyder

Christopher Boyd
Recent developments in the 2013 shooting death of Justin Vaughn, 25, of Snyder have led to the arrests of two local suspects. Christopher Devon Boyd, 21, of Roscoe was apprehended on Thursday afternoon and is now in the Scurry County Jail in Snyder in lieu of a $500,000 bond on a capital murder charge. Also charged in the same crime and placed in custody two days later was Ray Anthony Gutierrez, 26, of Sweetwater. He is currently in the Nolan County Jail without a set bond.

Vaughn was shot and killed at about 2:10am on March 13, 2013, in his home in the 200 block of 36th Street in Snyder. Since then, the Snyder Police Department and the Texas Rangers have been investigating the death as a homicide. According to Snyder Police, more individuals are connected to the crime, but further information that might hinder the investigation is not being released at this time.



Roscoe residents who want to serve on the Roscoe City Council have until 4:00pm Friday to throw their hats into the ring. In May, there will be two open seats on the Council. One is temporarily filled by Edwin Duncan, who was appointed by the Council after the resignation of Council Member Ken Brawley. The other is Suzie Alford’s. She is completing the second year of her term in May.

Either one or both seats will be vacant depending on what happens between now and Friday. If you want to serve the City by running for a place on the City Council, you need to let Donna Parker in City Hall know before the Friday deadline.

The election will be on May 7. For more information, phone City Hall at 325-766-3871.



Flu and colds continued this week to take their toll on Roscoe’s school attendance. Yesterday, there were 36 absences in grades 6-12 and 25 in pre-K through grade 5 for a total of 61 missing students, almost 10% of the entire student body.



The Central Rolling Plains Co-op Cotton Gin completed its ginning season yesterday as its ginned its last bale. Right before New Year's, I asked Gin Manager Larry Black when they'd be done this year, and he said about February 15. He missed by only a day.

The grand total for the number of bales ginned this year is 75,636. Here’s how it compares to the gin’s output for the previous eight years:

                                             2007           109,991
                                             2008             57,184
                                             2009             39,626
                                             2010             70,379
                                             2011               9,966
                                             2012             66,985
                                             2013             71,849
                                             2014             32,274
                                             2015             75,636

The gin staff hasn’t yet determined who wins this year’s $100 prize for guessing the closest number of bales ginned.



A difficult year for Plowboy and Plowgirl basketball is now over with neither team qualifying for the playoffs this time around. The Plowboys won one over Haskell last week and lost to Stamford on Monday.

Here is the score by quarters followed by individual Plowboy scoring:

Plowboys 64 – Haskell 42

Plowboys          13        36        51        64
Haskell              12        18        31        42

Rafael Aguayo 20, Jose Ortega 19, Javier Leaños 15, Isaiah Gonzales 4, Johnathon Cuellar 4, Brayden Beal 2.
At posting time I had still not received the stats for the Stamford game, but I know that the Plowboys lost.


Here are the stats for the Plowgirls' final game last Tuesday:

Hamlin 48 – Plowgirls 19 (Feb. 9)

Hamlin            18        32        42        48
Plowgirls           5          8         15        19

Veronica Cuellar 11, Bonnie Wilkinson 2, Lena Martinez 2, Jovana Peña 1, Spencer 1.



February 26 – Long Sleeve Relays – Hamlin
March 4 – Bulldog Relays – Stamford
March 11 – Blackland Divide Relays – Roscoe
March 19 – Pied Piper Relays – Hamlin
March 24 – Cottonwood Relays – Roby
March 31 – Lone Wolf Relays – Colorado City (JV Only)
April 1-2 – Angelo Relays – San Angelo
April 7 – District Track Meet – Hamlin
April 15 – Area Track Meet – McMurry University, Abilene
April 29-30 – Regional Track Meet – Odessa
May 13-14 – State Track Meet – Austin


February 29 – Haskell
March 10 – Junior High Blackland Divide Relays – Roscoe
March 22 – Junior High Cottonwood Relays – Roby
March 28 – Merkel
April 9 – Junior High District Meet – Winters



Brandon Rhyder
The weather should be fine Friday night for “Red Dirt” singer/songwriter Brandon Rhyder's acoustic performance at the Lumberyard. Temperatures are forecast to reach into the  eighties that afternoon, which should carry over into a pleasant, outdoor evening for music and dancing.

Rhyder, originally from Carthage in east Texas, has been a staple of the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene for over a decade. During that time he has released eight CDs, including his most recent, That’s Just Me, and had four #1 singles on the Texas Music Charts. Notable songs include “Have I Waited Too Long,”  “Before I Knew Your Name,” “That’s Just Me,” “Back Roads,” “Leave,” and “Rock Angel.”

He will take the stage around 9:30pm. For reservations and more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



Yesterday's sunset.
This past week has seen warmer than average weather for this time of year. None of the low temperatures were below freezing or even really close, and the afternoon highs were either in the sixties or seventies. The low for the week was Saturday morning’s 35°F, and the high was Saturday afternoon’s 75° with highs on the other days mostly in the upper sixties. Skies were sunny, and winds were generally in the mid to upper range—although on Monday afternoon, which was beautiful, the flags hung limply in a near calm.

The forecast for the coming week seems to suggest that the Austin armadillo, Bee Caves Bob, was right when he predicted an early spring for Texas. Today’s high should be in the upper seventies, 78° or 79°, tomorrow’s is predicted to be 82° with Saturday and Sunday a balmy 85° or 86°, depending upon which weather website you want to believe. Lows for the same days will be in the mid-fifties.

This will all change on Sunday if the meteorologists are right. A cool front will move through, dropping temperatures by about ten degrees and bringing a 60% chance of precipitation on Sunday and Sunday night. If it does rain, it will be the first time for the past six weeks, as we have been caught in a dry weather pattern. The chances for rain on Monday drop to 30%, so it looks like Sunday or possibly not at all.

The long-range forecast for the first part of next week is for temperatures dropping back into a range more normal for this time of year.


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