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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wilkinson Sisters Lead Plowgirls to State Finals

Lyndi Wilkinson                                    Bonnie Wilkinson
Led by the Wilkinson sisters, Lyndi and Bonnie, the Plowgirls, with only five girls participating, finished third (in a tie with Post) at the UIL Regional Track & Field Meet in Odessa last weekend.

Lyndi Wilkinson won the 800-meter run, Bonnie Wilkinson was second in the triple jump and 400-meter run, and the Plowgirls’ 4 x 400-meter relay team of Jaci Alexander, Lyndi Wilkinson, Jaleigh Morales, and Bonnie Wilkinson also finished second. Since the first and second finishers in each event qualify for the State Track & Field Meet, they all qualified and will participate in Austin next weekend, May 11-13.

The other Plowgirl, Kinzie Buchanan, finished seventh in the shot put, and while she didn’t qualify for the state meet, she is just a freshman, so her strong finish promises greater results in the future.

The two Plowboys at the Regional Meet were Micheal Wright, also just a freshman, and Jayden Gonzales. Micheal’s triple jump of 40’ 1” was a personal best, as was Jayden’s pole vault of 12’ 6”, which got him the fifth-place finish.

Here are the finishes with times and/or distances:


Event                          Place               Athlete            Time/Distance
400 meters                      2          Bonnie Wilkinson           60.38        
800 meters                      1           Lyndi Wilkinson           2:25.91
4 x 400 meter relay        2          Plowgirls                        4:10.46
     (J. Alexander, L. Wilkinson, J. Morales, B. Wilkinson)
Triple Jump                    2           Bonnie Wilkinson            35’ 4”
Shot Put                           7           Kinzie Buchanan             34’ ½”


Triple Jump                   13        Micheal Wright                 40’ 1”
Pole Vault                        5         Jayden Gonzales               12’ 6”



This Saturday, May 6, is election day and voting in both the City and School elections will be in the Roscoe Community Center from 7am-7pm.

The City Council seats filled by Billy Joe Jay and Helen Perry are being contested. Both Council members are running to retain their seats, and KC Hope is also running. The top two vote-getters will be the winners.

Six candidates are running for four open School Board seats, and the top four vote-getters will be the winners. The candidates are incumbents James Arnwine and Steve Anthony, along with Christie Galvan, Edward (Spider) Herrera, Kenny Hope, Jr., and David Pantoja.


Buster Frierson
Plowboy ex Buster Frierson (RHS '93) is on the cover of the latest issue of American Cowboy as the classic American cowboy. A quarter horse trainer and breeder and rodeo star, he is the subject of an article about the modern working cowboy in a magazine dedicated to past and present American cowboys and cowboy life.



Several Plowboys and Plowgirls received honors at the annual Athletic Banquet held in the School Cafetorium last Thursday evening.


For the Plowboys, Brayden Beal was football’s Plowboy of the Year, and Roadey Mann received the Fighting Heart award. Football players receiving All-District, All-Big Country, and All-State selections were also recognized.

Football All-District 4-2A-II
First-Team Offense: MVP, Brayden Beal; line MVP, Matthew Buckley; Newcomer of the Year, Jayden Gonzales; line, Johnathon Cuellar; line, Isaias Aguilar; running back, Francisco Garcia; receiver, Jose Ortega. First-Team Defense: end, Paul Pantoja; utility back, Juan Garcia.
Second-Team Offense: receiver, Cade Garrett; line, Paul Pantoja; kicker, Juan Garcia. Second-Team Defense: tackle, Roadey Mann; end, Parker Payne; end, Tristan Brooks; linebacker, Austin Willman; back, Clemente Aguayo.
Academic All-District: Brayden Beal, Matthew Buckley, Johnathon Cuellar, Clemente Aguayo, Tait Fullwood, Parker Payne, Nick Limones, Junior Martinez.

2A All-Big Country
Quarterback, Brayden Beal; running back, Francisco Garcia; wide receiver, Jose Ortega; offensive lineman, Matthew Buckley; defensive back, Jose Ortega; defensive end, Paul Pantoja.

Texas Sports Writers 2A All-State
Quarterback, Brayden Beal; running back, Francisco Garcia; offensive line, Matthew Buckley; wide receiver, Jose Ortega.

Associated Press 2A All-State
Offensive lineman, Matthew Buckley; running back, Francisco Garcia; safety, Jose Ortega; defensive end, Paul Pantoja.

Old Coach 2A All-State
Offensive lineman, Matthew Buckley; defensive back, Nick Limones; defensive back, Clemente Aguayo

Basketball, All-District 8-2A
Second-team guard, Jose Ortega; Honorable Mention, Brayden Beal, Johnathon Cuellar.
Mr. Defense, Brayden Beal.

Academic All-District: Johnathon Cuellar, Brayden Beal, Cam Boren, Clemente Aguayo.

Regional qualifiers: Matthew Buckley, Tait Fullwood, Francisco Garcia.
Plowboy of the Year: Matthew Buckley.

Regional qualifiers: triple jump, Micheal Wright; pole vault, Jayden Gonzales.


MVP Basketball: Veronica Cuellar
MVP Cross Country: Lyndi Wilkinson
MVP Track: Bonnie Wilkinson
Fighting Heart: Karina Cisneros
First-Team All-District Basketball: Veronica Cuellar
2nd Team All-District: Jaleigh Morales
2nd Team All-District: Bonnie Wilkinson
Honorable Mention: Jaci Alexander
Honorable Mention: Bergan Trevino
Miss Defense: Bergan Trevino

Academic All-District: Karina Cisneros, Lyndi Wilkinson, Bergan Trevino, Jovana Pena, Jaci Alexander, Jaleigh Morales

Track School Record Triple Jump: Bonnie Wilkinson 36' 7"


The City of Roscoe is accepting applications for summer manager of the City Swimming Pool through Tuesday, May 9. Applicants should apply at City Hall during business hours. For more information, phone 325-766-3871.



Randall King
Two Texas Country bands will make their first appearances ever at the Lumberyard this weekend—the Randall King Band on Friday night and JB & the Moonshine Band Saturday.

Randall King is a Red Dirt singer/songwriter from Lubbock who played at the recent Outlaws & Legends weekend in Abilene. He is currently at work on a five-song EP that is due out this month. His song, “The Problem,” (Click title for YouTube video) rose to number 17 on the Texas Music Charts.

JB & the Moonshine Band
JB & the Moonshine Band is an up-and-coming Texas Country band from east Texas. Best known for their single, “Perfect Girl,” (Click title for YouTube video), which peaked at #7 on CMT Pure’s 12 Pack, their “Whiskey Days” was also a hit, reaching #7 on Billboard’s Texas Regional Radio Report,

The band has produced three albums, Ain’t Goin’ Back to Jail (2010), Beer for Breakfast (2012), and Mixtape (2015). Top singles also include “I’m Down,” “No Better Than This,” “Kiss Me That Way,”  and "Yes."

For reservations and more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



Cloudy skies over Roscoe earlier this morning.
This week was in many ways a repeat of the one before it, with wild swings in temperature and wind direction, but consistently windy and consistently dry. The English poet John Donne once said, “April is the cruelest month.” He wasn’t referring to west Texas weather, of course, but he might as well have been. The wind in the past week has been relentless. One day it was from the northwest, the next from the southeast, the next from the west, and so on. But no matter which direction it came from or blew, it was always strong and gusty. In fact, the only day the gusts didn’t exceed 30mph was on Monday when they got up to only 28mph. The day before had gusts up to 44mph.

And just as it has been windy, it’s also been dry. The long-range forecasts of 50% chances of precipitation always diminish to nothing or almost nothing as the day in question approaches. Today is a case in point. Four days ago we were getting a 60% chance of rain for today. That diminished to 40% the next day, and by yesterday, it was down to 20%. The only precipitation we got all week was last Wednesday when it sprinkled just enough to get the sidewalks wet. That sprinkle was followed by blowing dust, so a large percentage of the vehicles in town got a layer of dirt so thick you couldn’t see through the windshield, and all the cars were the same color—dirt brown. I took my car to the car wash in Sweetwater and had to wait in line as others with the same idea got there before I did.

It was also seriously cold on Saturday and Sunday. The temperature on Sunday morning dropped to 38°F, which felt even colder because of the sharp, north wind. The scheduled appearance of Johnny Bush on the outdoor stage of the Lumberyard Saturday night was postponed to a later date because the north wind was so strong and chilly. By yesterday, the temperature was back up to 91°, but it was still windy.

The forecast high for today and tomorrow is only 73°, but the weather will warm back into the eighties on Friday and Saturday. The sun will shine, and there will be wind.

Unfortunately, there is no rain in the forecast, which is not good  because it’s getting pretty dry around here.  


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