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In the Heart of the Blackland Divide

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cotton Crop Looking Good

Farmers around Roscoe are anticipating a banner year this year with the cotton crop.  Gary Pieper of Gary Pieper Crop Insurance estimates that with last year’s wet winter and this year’s rainfall, most of the dry land cotton around Roscoe should make from ⅔ to 1¼ bales per acre and the irrigated even more.  

According to Pieper, the cotton within a five-mile radius of town is generally better than in places such as Wastella and some parts around Inadale that got less rainfall, and all local fields suffered from the hot, dry August when temperatures got up to around 100° every day for about three weeks.  

As a result, the overall harvest may not equal some of the bumper crops of past years, but it’s still going to be well above average for most farmers, and the price of cotton this year is higher than it’s ever been.   Because of lower yields worldwide due to floods in Pakistan and bad weather in India, the demand for cotton is exceeding supply, and recent cold spells in China and hailstorms in the Texas panhandle have caused prices to go even higher.   

On the futures exchange in New York, cotton jumped on Tuesday to $1.34 a pound for December delivery, which is the highest it’s ever been.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that all the farmers in this area will be getting that much for their cotton, though.  A majority of them are in the Plains Cotton Co-op Association pool that contracted to sell the cotton back when the price was much lower.  However, even they should be able to get around 80 cents a pound and possibly more—and that’s a lot higher than last year when prices were in the mid-60’s, or the year before when it was in the low 60’s.  

So, all things considered, if the area can get some decent weather between now and the end of harvest, this year’s cotton crop should go down as one to remember.  


The Roscoe Plowboys defeated the Ralls Jackrabbits in Ralls last Friday night 33-12 to bring their record to 2-2 in the district.  They conclude regular season play at Plowboy Field on Friday night against the Rotan Yellowhammers, but if they win, they'll be in the playoffs.  Kickoff is at 7:30.  


  1. Snake,
    According to the Houston Chronicle, the price of cotton during the Civil War (1863-1864) was $1.89.

  2. $1.89 U.S. money or Confederate money?


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