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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Plowboys Open Season with Hawley Friday

Plowboys tackle Hawley ball carrier in last year's game.
Are you ready for some football? After pre-season scrimmages with Menard and Forsan, the Roscoe Plowboys begin the 2021 season at Plowboy Field Friday evening in a contest with the Hawley Bearcats.

This non-district matchup will be a tough test for the Plowboys because Hawley is a formidable foe, possibly the best 2A team in the Big Country. Hawley is a 2A division I school (the Plowboys are 2A division II) and are picked to win their district by both Texas Football and the Abilene Reporter-News. They are also ranked in the 2A top ten in Texas. Texas Football has them at number 9 and MaxPreps at number 5.

Last year they went 5-0 in district and 10-3 overall, losing to Cisco in the regional semifinals. This year they return 8 starters on offense and 9 on defense. Players to watch include running back Austin Compton (6-1, 205) and quarterback Rodey Hooper (6-2, 185) on offense and linebacker Compton and defensive back Kason O’Shields (6-0, 160) on defense. Unlike recent years when they relied on the run, they are now a pass-happy team and will most likely come out throwing the ball.

The Plowboys return 10 starters on offense and 9 on defense. They will counter on offense with senior back Antonio Aguayo (5-10, 165) and sophomore quarterback Jax Watts (6-1, 165) and on defense with linebacker Jake Gonzales (5-9, 190) and linemen David Diaz (5-9, 195), Britt Justiss (6-0, 240), and Diego Vela (5-11, 265).

Kickoff is at 7:30pm.    



The Plowboys played well on Thursday against a good 2A-I Forsan team in Forsan. Both teams scored once in the scrimmage before playing in game conditions in the last part of the workout. In that one, Forsan scored late to outscore the Plowboys 14-7, but both teams played evenly throughout, and Coach Jake Freeman was pleased with what he saw.

The Plowboys moved the ball well when on offense with Jax Watts hitting Antonio Aguayo on a long pass for a touchdown, and Ivan McCann breaking a tackle on a long run for another score. They also defended well when Forsan had the ball.



Kaidy Ornelas was 1st and Zoey Welch 2nd at Jim Ned.

The Plowboy/Plowgirl Cross Country team had an excellent day at the Jim Ned Warpath Invitational Cross-Country Meet in Tuscola on Saturday. The girls finished third out of 14 teams in the 4A and under division.

Kaidy Ornelas won first place, and her teammate Zoey Welch was second in a race with 131 runners. In all, eight Plowgirls set personal records. Both coaches, Heather Greenwood and Shella Arnwine, were excited to see the Plowgirls do so well in their first meet of the season.

The Plowboys placed ninth out of 14 teams. Graham Gleaton finished twentieth and Brayden Covington twenty-seventh out of 102 runners.

The team competes in its second meet of the season on Saturday at Western Texas College in Snyder.

Kneeling: Jissel Rodriquez and Zoey Welch. Standing: Cameron Greenwood, Mia Lavalais, Mahlia Calderon-Ruiz, Jacey Rodriquez, Yaniez Aguilar and Kaidy Ornelas. Back: Mackenna Garcia and Malejia Munn (Cross-Country photos by Shella Arnwine)



The Roscoe Collegiate ISD Board of Trustees invites the Community to join in a community-wide informational meeting.

The meeting will be held in the school cafetorium, at 7:00pm Tuesday, August 31, to hear concerns and questions from the community and to keep the public informed of school district goals, programs, and activities.

Submit questions, concerns, and comments to this link:



There is mixed news regarding the spread and treatment of Covid-19 in Texas this week. The bad news is that the number of hospitalizations and active cases in the state continues to rise, and the availability of ICU units is critical in many places. The good news is that a few counties have better numbers, and treatments received a boost this week with the increased availability of the antibody treatments.

These are the same treatments that were given to Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott when they tested positive for the virus. It has been hard to get in the past, and only certain people could get it, but it is now becoming more available, including here in our area. Its use should decrease the intensity of the infection and the number of future hospitalizations.

For the present, however, the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in Texas continues to grow. As of yesterday, the number was 13,666 compared to last week’s 12,227. New cases number 15,516 compared to last week’s 20,123, active cases are now at 256,388 compared to last week’s 218,811, and fatalities yesterday numbered 199 compared to last week’s 96.

The numbers are mixed in Taylor County. Active cases is now at 1,554, 256 more than last week’s 1,298. But there is one less hospitalization, 78 compared to last week’s 79. The percentage of Covid-19 patients in the Abilene trauma area last week was 15.15%, but by yesterday it had dropped to 14.61%, about half a percentage point.

Of all Abilene COVID-19 inpatients, 88.17% are not fully vaccinated. Of the Covid-19 patients in ICU, 96% are not fully vaccinated.

In our four-county area, three counties have more active cases and one fewer. Nolan County now has 100 active cases, 25 more than last week’s 75; Mitchell County has 52 active cases, also 25 more than last week’s 27; Fisher County has 15 active cases, 5 fewer than last week’s 20; and Scurry County has 161 active cases, 17 more than last week’s 144.

Here are the estimated active cases the Big Country’s counties (compared to last week’s number in parentheses): Brown, 249 (224); Howard, 214 (212); Scurry, 161 (144); Jones, 136 (125); Nolan, 100 (75);Erath, 98 (120); Mitchell, 52 (27); Coke, 47 (27); Eastland, 30 (26); Comanche, 20 (29); Runnels, 30 (25); Fisher, 15 (20); Callahan, 14 (21); Coleman, 11 (28); Stephens, 6 (12); Haskell, 5 (4); Knox, 2 (1); Shackelford, 2 (0); Stonewall, 0 (1); Kent, 0 (0); Throckmorton, 0 (0). The total of all these counties last week was 1,119. Now it is 1,192.

Selected west Texas counties’ estimated active cases (with last week’s in parentheses): Lubbock 3,250 (2,970); Ector (Odessa) 1,857 (1,649), Tom Green (San Angelo) 1,542 (1,218); Midland 834 (349); Wichita (Wichita Falls) 628 (628). Last week’s total for these counties was 6,814. Now it is 8,171.



It’s been another week of typical August weather for west Texas and the Roscoe area. Afternoon highs have been in the mid to upper-nineties and morning lows in the low to mid-seventies with south winds under partly cloudy skies. One day has been pretty much the same as the one before—and the one after. Since last Wednesday, the high temperature was yesterday’s 99° and the low was yesterday’s 69°. And there has been no precipitation, not even a threat.

The forecast for today and tomorrow is more of the same with today’s high reaching 98° and tomorrow’s 96° under mostly sunny skies with southerly winds. The lows will be 72°. The temperature will drop slightly toward the weekend with Friday’s high at 94°, Saturday’s 92° and Sunday’s also 92°.

There is no rain in the forecast.



Holy Mass of Christian Burial for Martina Herrera, 62, of Roscoe, is today, Wednesday, August 25, at 10:00am at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church with Father Nilo Nalugon officiating. Interment will follow at Roscoe Cemetery. She passed away at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital on Monday, August 16.

Martina was born on February 23, 1959, in Dolores, Mexico, to parents Severiano and Juana Gonzalez. She married Juan Herrera on March 4, 1978, in Dolores. She was a member of Guadalupana Society and Grupo Missionero with Holy Spirit Catholic Church. She loved spending time with her grandchildren. She loved her speaker and loved dancing. She spent so much time caring for her plants.

Martina is survived by her husband, Juan Herrera; children: Andres, Agustin, Lucina, Maria, Lourdes, Imelda, Jaime, Ramiro, Sara, Elisa, Teresa, Marta; grandchildren: Jonathan, Giselle, Karen, Erik, Sarai, Joshua, Hannah, Axel, Brenda, Julissa, Julian, Henry, Brisa, Clarissa, Jiovanni, Arabella, Aaliyan, Aranza, Mike Jr., Fernanda, Alexa, Ezra, Lheo, Gianna; and great-grandchild: Michael.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Severiano and Juana Gonzalez, and twin daughters, Maria Juana and Maria Artemia.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Plowboys Top Menard, Forsan Next

Seth Wilcox goes 19 yards for the Plowboys' first score.
The 2021 Roscoe Plowboys got their first taste of competition Friday in a scrimmage with Menard at Plowboy Field. Play took place in sweltering 97° heat, but both junior varsity and varsity Plowboys finished with a successful and satisfying afternoon.
The scheduled three-school workout didn’t happen, as Iraan was unable to compete for lack of players. Instead, the scrimmage was divided into two parts: junior varsity and varsity. The JV Plowboys played well, holding their own against a Menard JV team that included some varsity players as they, like Iraan, were a little short on numbers, bringing only 19 players. The two teams were closely matched, and both made a score before yielding the field to the varsity squads.

At first, the varsities also seemed evenly matched, but on the Plowboys’ seventh offensive play, Seth Wilcox scored on a 19-yard sweep around left end, and Roscoe was off and running. The Plowboy defense stopped Menard on its first offensive series, and on their next offensive possession, the Plowboys broke loose by scoring on three consecutive plays—the first, a 19-yard pass from Jax Watts to Tyler Guelker; the second, a 70-yard Antonio Aguayo run around right end; and the third, another 70-yard run, this one by freshman Ivan McCann. Later in the scrimmage, they scored twice more, one a 52-yarder by Jake Gonzales, and the other 56-yard pass play to Aguayo. The varsity defense continued to play well and never yielded a score to the Menard varsity.

However, their scrimmage tomorrow with Forsan could be an entirely different matter as the Buffaloes are a different level of competition from Menard. Unlike Menard, the Buffaloes are a 2A-I division school and are predicted by Texas Football to finish third in a strong district with Hawley, Anson, Stamford, Haskell, and Colorado City. One of their stated strengths is team speed, so the Plowboy defense will need to be careful not to give up the long plays.

Play begins tomorrow in Forsan at 5:00pm.



On Monday evening, the Roscoe Collegiate ISD Board of Trustees approved the 2021-2022 tax rate of $1.24579, which is a decrease of $.15421 (11%) from the previous tax rate of $1.40.

Last year, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution to dedicate excess interest and sinking (I&S) tax collections to the early payoff of the 2011 bond and to the early principal payment of the 2013 bond. That has put the district in a position to dedicate excess 2021-2022 I&S tax collections to the early payoff of the 2013 bond while still reducing the tax rate by $.15421. The early payoff of these two bonds will save the district and the taxpayers considerably in interest over what would have been a longer payout.

There are no other bond series that are callable in the foreseeable future, so it is likely that the RCISD Board of Trustees will be able to reduce taxes again in 2022.



On May 19, after over a year of weekly Covid-19 updates, the Hard Times issued what it hoped was its last report. At the time, the Covid-19 numbers were low and had been essentially flat for over a month, not only in Nolan County, but also in the Big Country and the entire state of Texas.

In the first few weeks after that, the numbers continued to drop, and it appeared that we could finally put our concerns about the pandemic behind us and resume normal living. Covid-19 was still around but no longer seemed the threat it had been.

However, in the past month or so, the numbers have been rapidly rising, mainly because of the more highly contagious Delta variant, and, whether we like it or not, it appears that Covid-19 is back. Comparing the current numbers with those back in May shows that the differences are significant.

Back then, the state of Texas had 2,222 Covid-19 hospitalizations, marking the third week in a row that the number had been under 3,000. New cases were also under 3,000 per day at 2,836. The number of active cases was 51,990 and daily deaths were at 59. As of yesterday, the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations is at 12,227, new cases are at 20,123, active cases at 218,811, and daily fatalities at 96.

The number of active cases in Taylor County was 185 back then; now it is 1,298, which is over 400 more than last week’s 862. There were 10 Abilene hospitalizations in May and now 79.  The percentage of Covid-19 patients in the Abilene trauma area back then was 1.32%. Now it is 15.15% and rising.

In our four-county area, Nolan County had 5 active cases, Mitchell County 1, Fisher County 1, and Scurry County 4. Now Nolan County has 75, Mitchell County 27, Fisher County 20, and Scurry County 144. And in each county, the numbers just keep going up.

Here are the Big Country’s estimated active cases (compared to May 19’s in parentheses): Brown, 224 (10); Howard, 212 (30); Scurry, 144 (4); Jones, 125 (4); Erath, 120 (4); Nolan, 75 (5); Comanche, 29 (4); Coleman, 28 (0); Coke, 27 (5); Eastland, 26 (3); Mitchell, 25 (1); Runnels, 25 (1); Callahan, 21 (2); Fisher, 20 (1); Stephens, 12 (1); Haskell, 4 (0); Knox, 1 (0); Stonewall, 1 (0); Kent, 0 (0); Shackelford, 0 (3);  Throckmorton, 0 (0). The total of all these counties on May 19 was 78. Now it is 1,119.
Selected west Texas counties’ estimated active cases (with May 19’s in parentheses): Lubbock 2,970 (166); Ector (Odessa) 1,649 (218), Tom Green (San Angelo) 1,218 (62); Wichita (Wichita Falls) 628 (82); ; Midland 349 (234). May 19’s total for these counties was 762. Now it is 6,814.

And, of course, the bad news is that all these numbers continue to rise.



Roscoe Collegiate currently reports a total of 6 students out with Covid-19--1 in the Early Childhood Center with 6 others quarantined and 1 waiting for results, 3 in Elementary with 3 others quarantined, and 2 in Secondary with 4 students and 3 staff quarantined and 1 student waiting for results.

In a letter to parents, the school says it is encouraging but not requiring students and staff to wear masks. It also notes that students 12 and older are eligible for vaccinations. Other measures include a survey for anyone who has tested positive for the virus, and questions to determine student exposures to anyone infected.



It was another hot summer week in the Roscoe area, interspersed with two rains, one on Saturday, the other on Monday night. Neither rain was big, at least in town. However, both rains were bigger elsewhere, the first south and southwest of Roscoe, where amounts of up to almost two inches fell, and the second west of town, where upwards of an inch were recorded.
Here in town, I got .2" for the first rain, and Kenny Landfried recorded an official .38". For the second, I had .4", while he got .45". 

The rains were welcomed everywhere they fell, even if they didn’t amount to a lot. Any rain that falls in west Texas in mid-August is almost always a boon to the crops, which otherwise may be wilting from the hot, dry days.
Before the rain on Saturday, afternoon highs were in the mid to high 90s, 95° on Wednesday, and 99° on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday were milder with highs of 87° and 92° respectively. Monday was back up to 95°, but the cool front that blew in that night lowered temperatures, and the high under cloudy skies and light precipitation dropped to a pleasant 77°.

There’s a slight chance that we may get more rain today as the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms with a 20% chance of precipitation. The high is forecast to be 89° under mostly cloudy skies. Chances drop to 18% tomorrow and Friday with sunny skies forecast for the weekend with highs in the low to mid-90s and lows in the 70s.



Holy Mass of Christian Burial for Catalina M. Herrera, 86, of Marion, Texas, and former longtime Roscoe resident, will be held 10:00am, tomorrow, August 19, at Holy Spirit Catholic Parish with Father Nilo Nalugon officiating. Burial will follow at Roscoe Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Cate-Spencer & Trent Funeral Home. She passed away on Monday, August 16, at her residence.

A rosary will be held at 7:00pm today at Cate-Spencer & Trent Funeral Home Chapel with family members officiating.

Catalina Marquez Herrera was born to Francisco Marquez and Guillerma (Orona) Marquez on November 25, 1934, in Bado De Piedra, Mexico. She married Sixto Q. Herrera on November 18, 1950, in Presidio, Texas.

Sixto was a farmer in Roscoe, and Catalina was his partner in their success as his support and in raising their family of ten children. They were lifetime Catholics and active in the Catholic Church in Loraine and Sweetwater until they were instrumental in the building of St. Albert the Great Catholic Church in Roscoe.

She is survived by daughters, Lorina Hoffmann, Yolanda Gonzales, Juanita DeLeon and husband Lano, Nilda De La Cruz and Tommy Davila, Diana Reyes and husband Raymond, and Sandra Herrera; sons, Sixto Edward and wife Claudia, and Michael Herrera. She has twenty-seven grandchildren, thirty-seven great-grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband of thirty-eight years; two sons, Henry and Ruben Herrera; one granddaughter, Jennifer Ortega; her parents, Francisco and Guillerma Marquez; and sons-in-law, Harold Hoffmann and Johnny Gonzales.

Pallbearers will be Barney Marquez, Kevin Gonzales, Nicholas DeLeon, Sixto (Spider) Herrera, IV, Bryan De La Cruz, Canon Herrera, Chip Reyes, and John Ruben Herrera.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Fall Football Workouts Underway

Plowboy workout on Friday morning.

Since last Monday, Coach Jake Freeman and his staff have been preparing this year’s Plowboys for the upcoming season. The coaches were happy to see 44 boys show up for the first day of practice, an increase over last year’s turnout.

Assistant coaches this year are Zane Graves, Shawn Speck, Billy Floyd, Joe Rackley, and Kevin Lavalais.

Although this year’s Plowboys are not highly regarded by the media, the team returns almost all last year’s starters, who now have a year of experience as well as added size and maturity. Coach Freeman likes the low pre-season ranking, feeling it may cause other teams to underestimate what is sure to be a better team this year. Team speed is faster in both offensive and defensive backfields, and the offensive line will be able to provide better blocking.

Two-a-day workouts were held last week in either morning or evening sessions, depending on other pre-school requirements. But with the fall semester’s classes beginning this past Monday, all workouts will now be in the afternoon after classes.

The first competition with other teams will be a three-school scrimmage this Friday, when Menard and Iraan come to Plowboy Field. Like Roscoe, both are 2a-II schools, just from different districts. Action begins at 5:00pm.

Go, Plowboys!


KTXS-TV ran a video about Plowboy football on Sunday, August 8, that is 47 seconds long. For some reason, it is not working when I embed it in my blog. However, the link is available, which you can access clicking here.



Cheer Pals perform at a previous Plowboy Preview.

The annual Plowboy Preview hamburger fundraiser for the Junior High cheerleaders will be held outside behind the east football stands starting at 6:00pm tomorrow, August 12. Burger, chips, and drink will be $7.00.

At 7:00pm, the Cheer Pals will perform, followed by introductions to this year’s football players, coaches, cheerleaders, cross-country team, and band.



Did you know that 99.5% of Texans who died from COVID between February and July had not been vaccinated? The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination is also 96% effective against hospitalizations.

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital will be on hand to provide the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations at tomorrow’s Plowboy Preview.

Vaccinations are for anyone 12 years old and older and will begin at 5:30 and close at 8:30. Minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or have signed permission forms in hand.

For more information, call Lou Ann Wilson at 325-766-3323 or Andy Wilson at 325-766-3629.



Jacinda Cedillo, Annette Creed, Veronica Cuellar, Sonia Flores, Billy Floyd, Stacy Floyd, Martin Luna, Brenda Menken, Shannon Morrow, Rosa Rocha, Jessica Ughanze, Brianna Ward, and Tina Westbrook. 

Here’s a list of the new teachers at Roscoe Collegiate ISD along with their assignments:

New Secondary Teachers
Billy Floyd - History & coaching
Stacy Floyd - Science  
Veronica Cuellar - CTE / Edu-Make It, & coaching
Martin Luna - Geometry & TSI math classes
Shannon Morrow - CTE & working with Higher Ed.
Briana Ward - AVID

New Elementary Teachers
Brittainy Minton- 6th grade
Jessica Ughanze - 6th grade
Tina Westbrook - 3rd grade
Sonia Flores - 1-2 grade
Annette Creed - 1-2 grade
Brenda Menken - 1-2 grade
New Early Childhood Teachers
Rosa Rocha - PreK-K
Jecinda Cedillo- PreK



City Manager Cody Thompson addresses the City Council.

At its monthly meeting in City Hall yesterday evening, the Roscoe City Council received reports from City Manager Cody Thompson, RVFD Fire Chief Virg Pruitt, and Police Chief Felix Pantoja, heard a citizen complaint, and approved a request from the Roscoe Homecoming Committee for a parade and downtown activities. They also approved other items of city business. Both Mayor Pete Porter and Mayor Pro tem Robert McBride were absent, so Councilman Billie Joe Jay presided.
Fire Chief Virg Pruitt said that the department had tested all the city fireplugs and found that some were in need of repair, others had insufficient water pressure, and some neighborhoods needed them because the available ones were too far away to be effective. He also complained about the presence of junk cars on Bois d’Arc Street that are a public hazard.
Resident Isabel Moore discussed street conditions, in particular a persistent leak that creates standing water on Fourth and Hickory Streets.
A representative for Atmos Energy Corporation was unable to attend, so City Manager Cody Thompson explained his desire for the City of Roscoe to approve a rate request regarding the Company’s rate review filing. The Council later approved the request. Thompson also spoke for Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd concerning the dumping of carbon black into the waste water system, which clogs the drainage system and is expensive to clear.
In his public works report, Thompson said that Pump Solutions repaired both pumps in the Main and North lift stations. Both had been stopped up with non-sanitary sewer debris, including plastic elbows, residential sewer cleanout caps, carbon black, and so-called disposable wipes that are not disposable.
He said that two new homes will be going up in Young Farm Estates in the next two to three months, both by Abilene builders. The development is also hoping to increase lot sizes to one and a half times the current size and is preparing a new plat for approval.
The City has thrown its hat into the America’s Relief Funds arena with Public Management as the City’s grant administrator.
The City Swimming Pool has a serious leak, which must be repaired before the pool opens again next summer.
Police Chief Felix Pantoja gave the Police Report for the month of July, saying the Department issued 3 citations, handled 3 mental health cases, and investigated 8 burglaries and 2 sexual assaults. He reported that police equipment is being installed in the new Tahoe police vehicle. He also requested the City Council to consider a Department request for a full-time officer, saying that there is too much illegal and suspicious activity in the city for two officers to handle adequately.    
The Council approved the request of Connie Baize of the Roscoe Homecoming Committee to hold a Homecoming Parade down Broadway, a street dance on Cypress Street next to City Hall, and a cornhole tournament in Old Town Park across the street, all on September 25.
The Council postponed approving the budget amendments until next month’s meeting. It also set Budget Workshops to start at 7:00pm on August 24 and 25.



A syndicated article about a Roscoe resident’s illegal actions recently appeared worldwide in over a dozen news and financial publications and websites. “Everything Bigger in Texas: Sentence More Than Doubled,” by Lukas J. Alpert, explains how a Texas judge gave Stewart Williams, 31, a doubled sentence of 15 years for running one scam while pleading guilty to another. In addition, he has been ordered to pay restitution of over $9.4 million to the victims of the two schemes.

The article is accessible by clicking here.


Homecoming Committee members: Jan Meares, Teresa Watson, Janie Abrigo, Connie Baize.

September 24 & 25, 2021

It is time for RHS Homecoming!!
Get ready for a trip down memory lane and lots of catching up with old friends.
Hit up all your old classmates and get a reunion planned!!
   1:30 pm             EXES RECEPTION hosted by the RCHS Avid Class
                               at High School Event Center (the old high school entrance)
                               Registration, refreshments, visit with exes.
   2:45pm              PEP RALLY   in New Gym
   6-7pm                MEAL @School before the game (menu to be announced)
   7:30 pm             PLOWBOYS vs. NEW HOME
                               Watch Roscoe EX, Jake Freeman, as he coaches the Plowboys to a BIG WIN!!
                               Band will perform during halftime and Homecoming court announced.
                              Special Events indoor Concession Area,
                              (Located just east of the Football Concession.)

    9am                   COFFEE & DONUTS -- Roscoe Community Center                                                            Coffee and visit with old and new friends
  10am                   PARADE – Theme:  PLOWBOY PRIDE
                               For more information on a float entry, call Misty Reynolds @ 325-338-1005
 11am-2:30pm     EVERYONE at RHCS in the cafetorium.
                               Welcome by Superintendent Andy Wilson, Prayer.
                               Register for door prizes, visit  friends, silent auction, slide show by Tech Dept and Robotics Department and much more.
11:30a-1:30pm   LUNCH- In the cafetorium.  Enchilada Stack Plate with dessert & drink $12
                              PREPARED BY:  Big Daddy’s and SPONSORED BY ROSCOE STATE BANK  
2:30pm-11:30p  THE COMMUNITY CENTER will be open and available for anyone who needs a place to meet with classmates.  Coffee and Water will be available, but any snacks will be each class's responsibility.
                            The Museum and local business will also be open for the afternoon.
6pm -                 The Roscoe Athletic Booster Club will be hosting a homemade Fajita Meal for $15
                            Downtown at Old Town Park Across from City Hall
Roscoe Athletic Boosters will also be having a Corn Hole Tournament, sign up @ 5:30 and Tournament begins at 6:30 pm at the City Park. Contact Geory Martin for more information: 325-242-0130
7:30 pm?          Free Street Dance on the Bricks Downtown Roscoe
                           Featuring The 419 Swing Band
                           Traditional Country & Western Swing
                           Bring a folding chair as there is no seating available.
The Homecoming Committee will be mailing out letters that include the schedule and an RSVP request so it can plan how much food to order and prepare for events. If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Connie Baize 325-338-1287 or email:



The Roscoe Collegiate ISD enrollment figures for the first day of class are in, and the numbers are slightly down from their numbers in the preceding years:

High School = 243
Elementary = 253
Early Childhood Center = 89
Monday PK3 = 16
Total pre-K-12 = 601
High School here includes Junior High, i.e., the 7th and 8th grades. Unlike last year, the 6th grade this year is considered an Elementary Grade. The Pre-K students won’t start attending school until next Monday.  
Last year’s total first-day enrollment was 647, 2019 had 653, 2018 641, and 2017 611.



100° heat on Sunday.

We are now in what some people refer to as the “dog days” of summer, a stretch of weather in which conditions in this area are pretty much the same from one day to the next—hot, sunny, dry, south winds, and temperatures reaching the high 90s or more with lows in the mid-70s. If you’re walking down the street, you hear the air conditioners humming and the locusts in the trees chirping. Unlike some other times of the year, there’s not a whole lot of variation in the weather.
These past few days are a good example. The high on Friday was 98°, Saturday 98°, Sunday 102°, Monday 101°, and yesterday 99°. Morning lows were 71° Friday, 72° Saturday, 73° Sunday, 74° Monday, and 73° this morning. Winds were from the south, and skies either clear or partly cloudy without even a hint of precipitation.
The outlook for today and tomorrow is for more of the same with highs of 97° and lows of 73°, while Friday is only slightly cooler with a high of 94°. However on Saturday, the wind will shift to the east with mostly cloudy skies and a high of 90° with a 24% chance of a shower. On Sunday, the forecast high is 89° and the chance for precipitation rises to 35%. On Monday, the temperatures start rising again up to highs of 93° or so and the chances for rain drop as winds return to the south.
Typical August weather for these parts.


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