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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roscoe Debaters Win District, Headed for State

Rebecca Shaw and Alfonso Islas show off their gold medals after winning the district debate competition.
The Roscoe Collegiate CX debate team of sophomore  Rebecca Shaw and junior  Alfonso Islas  won the District 8-2A for Roscoe's second year in a row and will be competing at state on March 12-13. They were undefeated in the tournament with a 7-0 record. 

Congratulations Rebecca and Alfonso, and good luck in Austin!



Participant                Place             Participant                 Place
BROILERS                                        Hampshire Class 1
Anselma Acuna             6                 Aiden Richburg             4                                                          
RABBITS                                           Hampshire Class 3
Class 1                                                 Kaylee Palacios             1
Layla Herrera                6                 Aiden Richburg             4
Darbee Drake                11
Kadence Lane               14                Yorkshire Class 1
                                                             Kaylee Palacios            3
RABBITS                                         Fernando Ramirez        6 
Class 2
Jane McAnally             4                   Black OPB Class 1
Vonnie Watts               10                 Dax Drake                      3
Jo Ann McAnally                              Aiden Richburg            7

LAMBS                                              Black OPB Class 2
Finewool Class 1                              Zeke Murphy                2

Tait Fullwood               3
                                                           Black OPB Class 3 

Finewool Class 2                             Zeke Murphy                4
Ty Fullwood                 7
                                                            Crossbred Class 2

SWINE                                              Kaylee Palacios             2
Duroc Class 2
Dax Drake                    4                  Crossbred Class 3
                                                             Kaylee Palacios             1
                                                            Aiden Richburg             5


Saturday, February 3, 11am-3pm
Roscoe Community Center
$10 Brisket Plates
(brisket/sausage, beans, potato salad, salad, bread, cobbler)

Sponsored by Shaundra’s Heroes.

Shaundra Parker, 14, who has Cystic Fibrosis, is going to Houston to get a double-lung transplant. She and her mother will be there from 6-12 months.

For more information, call Jackie Womack, 432-328-2983, Heath or Lana Hale, 254-979-1824, or Janet McGuire, 432-230-3647. Thanks for your support!
Albany beat the Plowboys 48-24 in the Special Events Center Friday evening, and Hamlin won in Hamlin last night 33-27.

Albany 48 – Plowboys 24

Scores by quarters:

Albany               19        27        41        48
Plowboys            2          9         15        24

Individual Plowboy scoring: Jose Ortega 6, Junior Martinez 6, Brayan Medina 4, Jayden Gonzales 4,  Brandon Lavalais 3, Camden Boren 1.

Hamlin 33 – Plowboys 27

Scores by quarters:

Hamlin                6        16        18        33
Plowboys             5        11        23        27

Individual Plowboy scoring: Martinez 6, Gonzales 6, Caleb Gray 5, Lavalais 5, Aguayo 3, Boren 2.


The Plowgirls lost to Albany at home Friday evening 38-21 and to Hamlin in Hamlin yesterday evening.

Albany 38 – Plowgirls 21
Scores by quarters:

Albany             9          18        25        38
Plowgirls         6          21        21        21

Individual Plowgirl scoring: Kinzie Buchanan 17, Veronica Cuellar 6, Baylor Trevino 5, Bonnie Wilkinson 4.

Hamlin 63 – Plowgirls 28

Scores by quarters:

Hamlin             18        33        49        63
Plowgirls            4          8        19        28

Individual Plowgirl scoring: Buchanan 8, Wilkinson 6, Trevino 5, Cuellar 3, Martinez 2, Jaci Alexander2, Ainsleigh Nelson 2. 

They next play Haskell here Friday evening.

Skies were blue and the weather warm on Sunday.
Temperatures for the past week have been mild for this time of year with highs in the fifties or sixties and lows in the thirties or forties. The major differences from one day to the next were not so much the temperatures as the velocity and direction of the wind. Thursday and Friday both had high winds from the South, and on Saturday, they came from the north. Sunday and Monday were both very nice, with no wind to speak of on Sunday, and only slightly stronger winds on Monday. Yesterday had stiff southern breezes from 16-29mph and gusts up to 34, and those strong southern winds will continue today.

On Thursday, a brief shower fell. Here in town, its total was less than a tenth of an inch, more like .08”. Other locations around Roscoe got about the same, some a little more, some a little less or nothing at all. Before Thursday, our last measurable precipitation was back in early November, which with the winds explains the fire advisories and the current county burn ban. The area is seriously dry now, and everybody could use a nice rain.

Here's hoping you saw last night’s super moon and this morning’s lunar eclipse. As reported on TV, it was also a blue moon, that is, if you define blue moon as the second full moon of the month. During the eclipse, which was at its fullest at 7:30 this morning and just above the horizon in the west, the moon was actually red, a condition known as a blood moon.

Today’s weather will be a continuation of yesterday but even warmer with a predicted high of 78°. The skies will be clear and sunny, and the wind will continue to be strong with sustained winds from 20-25mph from the southwest and gusts up into the 30s. A norther will blow in tomorrow dropping the high to around 58°. It will feel colder than that, though, because of the north wind. Friday will be cloudier with a high of 55°, but Saturday will be warmer with a high of 75° as the winds will abate somewhat.

Friday is Groundhog Day, so we’ll get Punxsatawny Phil’s prediction about how much longer winter is supposed to last this year. Whether it’s warmer or cooler, it would be nice if the weather comes with a little more precipitation.

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