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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Morning Showers Bring More Rain

My garden is one big puddle after this morning's rain.
In keeping with this spring’s pattern of getting a rain about once a week, another thunderstorm struck shortly before 6:30 this morning and lasted for about an hour. It started with a few minutes of light sprinkles before hitting all at once with high winds and a heavy downpour that lasted for about fifteen minutes before dropping into a steady rain. The rain began again about 9:40 this morning and was still falling at posting time. The line of storms came with a cold front that dropped the temperature from 69°F to 59° in less than an hour.

By 10:30, Roscoe weatherman Kenny Landfried had accumulated an official 3.1 inches. 

Other than this morning’s storm, the past week was unremarkable as far as the weather is concerned. It was a bit warmer than the previous weeks with highs in the mid to upper eighties and lows in the upper sixties or lower seventies. The only exception was yesterday when the temperature rose to 93°, Roscoe’s first ninety-degree day since April 10, over seven weeks ago. And, if the forecast is correct, it will be the only day in May to break the ninety mark, as the rest of this week is projected to be much cooler. This May will have to go down as one of the coolest ever in Roscoe. I can’t remember another one this cool.

Until this morning’s shower, this past week was one for drying out with plenty of sunshine and south wind, which was downright blustery at times. There were still puddles here and there, however, and anytime it gets this wet, the mosquitoes come out in force. Up to now, they haven’t been as bad as they sometimes are, but they are sure to get worse with this morning’s rain, so people with standing water would be advised to do what they can to alleviate the situation.

Today will be much cooler than yesterday with a predicted high of only 71°F and a strong possibility of more rain. Tomorrow and Friday won’t be much warmer with probable highs of only 78° both days, lows of 61° and 66°, and a 40% chance of more rain. Skies will be mostly cloudy, and although Saturday will be warmer with a high of 84°, the chances for more rain through Monday remain at 40%. Sunday and the days following will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid-80s and lows in the upper sixties. Chances for more rain return next Wednesday.



It's another big weekend at the Lumberyard with the Kentucky Headhunters coming to town Friday and the Mo Robson Band Saturday.

The Kentucky Headhunters
On Friday night, the Kentucky Headhunters return for an encore performance. Originally a rock band known as Itchy Brother, the group re-structured in the mid-‘80s to become the Kentucky Headhunters, producing music from all genres, including rock, country, blues, and bluegrass.

Over the years, they have produced eleven studio albums from Pickin’ on Nashville in 1989 to On Safari in 2016. They have also won major awards, such as a Grammy for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1990, Album of the Year from the Country Music Association in 1990, and Vocal Group of the Year by the Country Music Association in 1991.

Although they’ve had success with their own original songs, such as “My Daddy Was a Milkman” and “Dumas Walker,” many of their most popular hits over the years have been covers of classics by others, such as Bill Monroe’s “Walk Softly on this Heart of Mine,” Marty Robbins’ “Rock & Roll Angel,” Fess Parker’s “Ballad of Davy Crockett,” Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky,” or Don Gibson’s “Oh, Lonesome Me.”

Mo Robson
Mo Robson will be making his first appearance ever at the Lumberyard on Saturday night. A Texas-born singer and songwriter based in Dallas, Mo has been playing honky-tonk music across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas since 1999. His music is simple, gritty, hard-driving honky-tonk.

He and his band have released four albums: Mo Robson Band, Even Angels Fall, Can’t Afford the Luck, and Live at Adair’s. They are currently at work on a fifth, which they plan to release sometime this year.

Popular singles include “Jim Beam Whiskey,” “Rollin’ Down This Highway,” “Adios, Goodbye,” and “First One to Go.”

For reservations and more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



RCHS Seniors on a trip to Texas Tech earlier this semester.

A complete list of all the scholarship recipients at the RCHS graduation ceremony was not included in last week’s posting, but no other RCHS class has received as many as this year.

Here are the names of the students who received scholarships along with their donors and the amount:

Student                      Scholarship Donor                              Amount
Bonnie Wilkinson   Abilene Christian University              $36,250*
                                    Miss Snake Charmer Pageant              $1,000
                                    Devon Freeman Memorial                      $500
Caleb Gray                Hardin-Simmons U. Presidential     $14,500
                                    Hardin-Simmons University               $9,500
Josh Benner             Minnie Piper Stevens Foundation   $10,000
Jayden Gonzales     McMurry University                              $2,000
                                    Charles & Verla Ratliff                              $750
                                    Panhandle Plains Mgt & Service            $200
Liberty Saenz          McMurry University                              $2,000
                                   Nolan County Foundation                        $500
Jasmine Foster       McMurry University                              $2,000
Jovana Peña            Clyde Jay Memorial                               $1,000
                                   William “Bill” Blackley Memorial          $500
                                    Nolan County Foundation                      $500
Jose Ortega              Clyde Jay Memorial                              $1,000
                                    Devon Freeman Memorial                     $500
Andrew Deleon       Clyde Jay Memorial                              $1,000
                                   William “Bill” Blackley Memorial         $500
Veronica Cuellar     Clyde Jay Memorial                             $1,000
                                   Nolan County Foundation                      $500
Josh Stegge              Sweetwater Rifle & Pistol Club          $1,000
                                   Nolan County Foundation                      $500
Caleb Boren             Class of 1971                                              $500
                                   Nolan County Foundation                      $500
Kadee Martinez       Charles & Verla Ratliff                            $750
Alfonso Islas            Nolan County Foundation                     $500
Austin Lara              Nolan County Foundation                     $500
Nick Limones          Nolan County Foundation                     $500
Adrian Lomas         Nolan County Foundation                      $500
Gene Turnbow        Nolan County Foundation                     $500

 * = per year

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors who were awarded scholarships, and many thanks also to the generosity of the donors!


[Editor's note: The Roscoe High School band has been performing on an annual basis for over a century now, and many will recall the band’s 1984 trip to Vienna, Austria, to perform at the Festival of Music under the leadership of Band Director Thomas Fogleman. But other Plowboy bands have been very good, including the ones under Judy Mathis, as the following article from the Abilene Reporter-News of December 22, 1963, suggests.]


ROSCOE – Roscoe High School Band, under the direction of Judy Mathis, will leave Monday to participate in this year’s Sun Bowl Festival in El Paso.

While in El Paso, the band will participate in a talent show, marching exhibition, the Sun Bowl football game between Oregon and Southern Methodist University, and in the Sun Festival Parade on New Year’s Day. The band will be housed at Ft. Bliss during its stay and will be guests of the Southwestern Sun Carnival Association at a gala New Year’s Eve party on the campus of Texas Western College.

A group of 67 is expected to make the trip, including sponsors and drivers.

The Plowboy Band, which was reorganized this year by its new director, Miss Mathis, has already had an active fall season. The band has performed at ten football games, the ACC Band Day Parade and Football Game, the Roby Marching Contest, Interscholastic League Marching Contest in San Angelo, and has played at numerous rallies and concerts at home. A record number of 10 of its members were named to the all-district band earlier this month.

Band officers are Johnny Pepper, captain; Jackie Smith and Sharon Massey, first lieutenants; Maxine Althof and Judy Ater, second lieutenants; Gary High, quartermaster; and Ann Reeves, staff sergeant. Drum major is Kay Tarrant.

Majorettes are Susan Medlock, Carolyn Meredith, Betty Davis, and Jerrie Zetzman.

Roscoe Band Boosters Club, organized this month, raised the money necessary to finance the band’s trip to El Paso and has also purchased a sound and color film of the band’s contest show in San Angelo. Officers of the Booster Club are Mrs. Jean Zetzman, president; Mr. Cullen Gunn, vice president; Mrs. J. F. Freeman, treasurer; and Mrs. Robert Downs, secretary.

Miss Mathis came to Roscoe from McMurry College where she had been assistant band director. She attended high school at Abilene High School where she was a yearly member of the all-state band. Prior to this year, she has played with the Abilene Philharmonic for 12 years.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thirty-five RCHS Seniors Receive Diplomas

The Roscoe Collegiate High School Class of 2019.
Thirty-five RCHS Seniors completed one stage of life and began another at the Special Events Center Friday evening as they received their high school diplomas while parents, relatives, and friends looked on. The class was the largest the school has seen for many years.

Twenty-six of the graduates had also been awarded their Associate Degrees from Western Texas College in Snyder in a ceremony ten days earlier. Eleven also received Structural Welding certificates from Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater.

Valedictorian for the class of 2019 is Alfonso Islas, Jr., who graduated with an overall grade average of 99.22. Salutatorian is Caleb Gray, who finished with an overall average of 95.0.

Here is a list of the Class of 2019:

Sara Angie Luisa Arenivaz*                  Felipe Alonso Marquez
Joshua David Benner* Φ                       Kadee Faith Martinez*
Caleb Michael Boren* Φ                        Gilbert Ray Martinez ⱳ
Veronica Lee Cuellar* ⱳ                        Isaac Alazae Olvera
Blake Curtis Dean*                                 Jose Guadalupe Ortega* ⱳ
Andrew Deleon*                                      Jovana Lizet Peña*
Jasmine Michelle Lynn Foster*          Arthur Branson Pope*
Xavier Kayne Frith* ⱳ                          Liberty Michelle Saenz*
Ty Blaine Fullwood*                              Amanda Marie Sanchez* Φ
Magdalena Garcia                                  Cameron Brooks Setliff
Jayden Bryce Gonzales*                       Gary Bradford Shaw
Caleb Wayne Gray* Φ                           Shelby Madison Spencer ⱳ
Alfonso Islas* ⱳ Φ                                 Joshua Ryan Stegge*
Austin Lane Lara* ⱳ                             William Gage Turnbow*
Brandon Dorice Lavalais ⱳ                  Coltin Wayne Watts* ⱳ
Nicholas Anthony Limones* ⱳ           Bonnie Blythe Wilkinson*
Adrian Mora Lomas* ⱳ Φ                    Megan Michell Wolf
Olivia Hope Madden*

* = WTC Associate Degree
ⱳ = TSTC Welding Certificate
Φ = Phi Theta Kappa (WTC Honor Society)

Here are the top ten graduates gradewise:
                    1. Alfonso Islas                6. Adrian Lomas
                    2. Caleb Gray                   7. Caleb Boren
                    3. Joshua Benner            8. Andrew Deleon
                    4. Joshua Stegge             9. Gage Turnbow
                    5. Jovana Peña               10. Ty Fullwood

Jose Ortega and Bonnie Wilkinson are the recipients of this year's Devon Reece Freeman Scholarship.
Winners of the Bill Blakely Scholarship were Jovana Peña and Andrew Deleon.



Are you ready for summer?
The weather hasn’t been showing it lately, but it’s beginning to look a lot like summer, especially if you’re a kid. The last day of school was Friday, and the City Swimming Pool is opening today at 1:00pm.

Like last year, the pool will be open Tuesday through Sunday, but the hours are slightly different. Tuesday through Thursday the hours are 1pm to 6pm, and Friday through Sunday 1pm to 5pm. Price of admission is $2.00 per day.

The pool may be rented for private parties beginning and ending between 5:00 and 10:00pm all week with Monday available for private parties only. The fee is $60 for two hours, $70 for three, and $80 for four and $90 for five, all with a $15 deposit. The price includes an approved licensed lifeguard. The pool may also be rented all day on Mondays (1-7pm) for $125. Also, if enough people sign up, swimming lessons will be offered in the mornings (10-12am). There will be no season passes this year.

For reservations or additional details, contact Pool Manager Candy Aguayo at 325-232-4086.



One car has been stolen and several others broken into in criminal activity that took place early Monday morning, May 20, most likely between midnight and 5:30am. There were reports that four individuals in an unidentified pickup were responsible. 

Besides the stolen vehicle, at least four firearms were reported taken. The crimes have been reported to the TCIC (Texas Crime Information Center), and the investigation is ongoing by the Roscoe Police Department.

The Roscoe Police Department requests that residents let them know of any suspicious criminal activity they observe. Contact the Roscoe Police Department at 325-766-3481.



Monday evening's tornado southwest of Roscoe. (Photo by Kerry Bankhead)
It’s been a wild week for the weather with slightly warmer temperatures, beautiful days as well as others with high winds, a couple of strong fronts that produced showers on Saturday and Monday, hail in some places yesterday, and at least one tornado that had the whole area on edge for a while Monday evening.

Temperatures were a little warmer than the week before with highs in the low to mid eighties and lows in the sixties. The only exception was the low of 54° on Sunday. High for the week was the 86° on Friday, which didn’t really seem that hot because it was cloudy all day.

The rain that had been predicted all week for Friday actually came early Saturday morning. Once again, we were far enough west that we got considerably less from the storm than towns to the east. Sweetwater got some ping-pong-ball-size hail, and a tornado hit Abilene, causing considerable damage. In Roscoe, we missed all the bad stuff, and the rainfall was half or less than what fell east of us. Kenny Landfried reported an official .47” for Roscoe on Saturday, and a half-inch to an inch fell over much of the area.

Sunday was beautiful with sunny skies and a high of 82°, and it was hard not to notice that with all the rain we’ve had this spring, the Roscoe area is as green as it ever gets. The rains have also necessitated more lawn mowing than I’ve had to do since retiring and moving back here nine years ago.

Roscoe is as green as it ever gets. Looking south at Cypress and 7th Street.
On Monday, another big storm was forecast for the big country, and tornado chasers were in the area. South winds were unusually high at around 30mph with gusts into the mid-40s. The storm rolled in around sundown with thunder, lightning, and threatening clouds. Wind advisories and flash flood, hail, and tornado warnings were on every local TV channel, radio station, and cell phone. 

A tornado near Loraine was officially reported, and several people living south and west of Roscoe watched one move from the Champion area toward Wastella. Despite all the dire warnings, however, that storm produced almost no rain, at least not right around Roscoe. However, the Pyron and Wastella areas that had missed some earlier rains got downpours of up to three inches. 

A second line of thunderstorms moved through later that night, and this time the rain fell where it hadn’t before. In Roscoe the official amount was .79”, but others got more. So, between the two lines of storms that crossed the area on Monday, everybody got something.

Looking at the month as a whole, this May has been unusually wet and cool. It hasn’t had a 90° day yet. In most years we would have a 100° day by now, and certainly several that broke 90°. This year, we’ve had only three 90° days, the last one coming over a month ago on April 21. (The high for the year so far is 94° on April 10). The average high for May in Roscoe is 85°. So far this month, however, it’s only 76°.

Yesterday was also windy and cool with strong southwest winds, but it did warm up somewhat in the afternoon. The outlook for the rest of the week is for warmer weather with highs in the mid to upper 80s and lows in the upper 60s. Strong winds will continue to be a problem, and meteorologists are currently giving our area a 40% chance of precipitation on Friday.



1st Lt. Charles "Bud" Fitts and medals.
1st Lt. Charles Milton “Bud” Fitts was the first serviceman from Roscoe killed in the Vietnam conflict.

The son of Marie and Eugene Milton Fitts, he was born in Roscoe on November 21, 1932, and attended Roscoe schools, graduating from Roscoe High School in 1948. After high school he moved to San Angelo, took some college classes there, and worked as a truck driver. He married Jeraldine Waddle of San Angelo, and they had two children.

In 1954, he joined the U.S. Army and was an enlisted man for six years before attending the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill. In April 1961, he graduated as a 2nd Lieutenant and received Rotary Flight Training at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He was promoted to First Lieutenant and departed for Vietnam with the Military Assistance Advisory Group in October 1962. He was a helicopter pilot there for the 93rd Transportation Group, 45th Aviation Group.

He was killed on January 11, 1963, a passenger on a CH-21C helicopter flying about 55 miles southwest of Saigon. It went down under hostile conditions and crashed on an island in the Mekong River. All seven men aboard perished.

His awards and decorations include Army Aviator Wings, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, 2 Good Conduct Medals, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and Vietnam Campaign Medal. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for a previous action.

His name is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, on Panel 1E, Row 16. He is also remembered by the Concho Valley Vietnam Memorial and the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Midland. Building 312 at Fort Rucker is named for him.

Military funeral in Vietnam for Lt. Charles Fitts and six others in 1963.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

RCHS Names 2019 Valedictorian, Salutatorian

Alfonso Islas                                             Caleb Gray

At Roscoe Collegiate High School, the grades are in and have been averaged. The valedictorian for the Class of 2019 is Alfonso Islas, Jr., and the salutatorian is Caleb Gray.

Alfonso’s final four-year average is 99.22. He plans to go to Texas Tech and major in Mechanical Engineering. Caleb’s final average is 95. He plans to attend Hardin-Simmons and major in Pharmacy. He also plans to run track there.

Both have already received their Associate Degrees from Western Texas College, where both were members of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa.



Cody Thompson addresses the City Council at yesterday's meeting.
At its monthly meeting in City Hall yesterday evening, the City Council committed to providing assurances of the repayment of a major loan from the Texas Water Development Board, selected the contractor for the City’s sewer-line replacement project, directed the City Manager to sign a contract for a City Swimming Pool operator, and heard monthly progress reports from the City Manager and Police Chief.

The City Council’s previous application for a state loan from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) was approved on condition that it issue combination tax and surplus revenue certificates of obligation. The TWDB will fund the water-line replacement project with a $2,287,950 loan of which $1,950,000 will have to be repaid at around 1½%-2% interest. So, the Council unanimously approved a formal intention to issue the said certificates at its regular meeting in July.

Scott Hay of Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd engineers of Abilene reported on the work that firm has done for the City in finding a contractor to do the City’s sewer-line replacement project. He recommended that the City accept the low bidder, Flint Stone Services LLC of Cisco, saying they have done competent work for e/HT in the past. The Council approved his recommendation. The project will require an additional $41,000 dollars beyond the $211,300 amount awarded in the block grant in order to complete the project all the way from 3rd Street south to the I-20 service road, and the Council also approved committing that amount.

The Council reviewed the application of Dulce Karina Aguayo to manage the City Pool this summer and directed the City Manager to accept her letter of intent.

City Manager Cody Thompson reported that the City and County will not be doing the sealcoat program this summer as the raw materials required are too expensive for the County. Instead, the City will buy more asphalt for street patching and is planning for more concrete intersections.

Police Chief Felix Pantoja gave the monthly Police Department Report for the month of April. The month was busier than usual with 126 calls for help. There were two arrests, 5 vehicle crashes, 10 traffic warnings issued, 3 citations for City ordinance violations, and 2 citations for traffic violations. He also reported on a scam and the passing of counterfeit money.


by Kim Alexander

Jose Rangel is awarded his Doctor's Degree at Angelo State University.
Roscoe Collegiate Independent School District (RCISD) has a new standard bearer for Collegiate Edu-Nation: A P-20 System Model for Student Success. Dr. Jose Rangel, who is a 2013 graduate of RCISD and Western Texas College and a 2016 graduate of Angelo State University, received his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree on Saturday, May 11 during the 2019 Angelo State University Spring Commencement. In doing so, Dr. Rangel became the first Roscoe student to complete grade level 20 of the P-20 System Model, a Model for high student expectations, leading to high student aspirations and outcomes.

Dr. Rangel’s accomplishment, as a first-generation college attendee, is significant because it confirms that the Edu-Nation Model for a community-based accountability system consisting of college degrees symbolic of college readiness, STEM certifications symbolic of workforce readiness and student research symbolic of lifetime learning is effective. Dr. Rangel’s head start on college was a result of his Early College experience here in RCISD. His aspiration for becoming a physical therapist emerged as a direct result of his STEM Academy apprenticeship experience under Dr. Nick Anthony at Collegiate Chiropractic, located here on the campus of RCISD. His capstone research project entitled “A Comparison of Hip and Lower Extremity Muscle Activation between Two Variations of the Lunge Experience” was cultivated by his research experience here in RCISD.

Dr. Jose Rangel is a perfect example of what a student can accomplish when provided with the appropriate educational circumstances, encouragement and expectations. As a result of his tenacity and perseverance (Grit Factor), Dr. Rangel has become the role model for future Edu-Nation students from rural Texas and the U.S.



Co-op members filled the school cafetorium yesterday evening.
The Central Rolling Plains Co-op held its annual membership meeting yesterday evening at the Roscoe School Cafetorium with a supper catered by 350 Café and door prizes. Approximately 180 members attended, including industry guests.

Items of business included the manager’s report, regional reports, audit report, and election of three directors and two advisory board members. Dividend checks were handed out at the end of the meeting.

There were two elections. Steve Moore, Ralph Stirl, and Scott Etheredge were re-elected to three-year terms on the Senior Board, and Roddy Alexander and Tanner Martin were re-elected to one-year terms on the Advisory Board.

The $100 prize of the annual bale guess in which members at the Co-op Gin’s Open House in October guess how many bales the gin will produce was won by Ricky Bowman, whose guess of 23,250 was the closest without exceeding the actual amount of 23,372.

Checks will be mailed to shareholders who did not pick up their checks at the meeting.



Ricky Heady cuts the ribbon at Heady Auto Parts.
Heady Auto Parts, now open at 1018 South Main Street in Roscoe, had its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday morning at 10:00am. Located across from the Stripes station, the store is in the same location as the former Hagerman’s NAPA Auto Parts store. It is owned by Ricky Heady, who also has auto parts stores in Colorado City and Merkel.

The store is open from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday, and from 7:30am-12:00 on Saturday. It has been remodeled and enlarged. Parts are available for diesel trucks, tractors and farm equipment as well as smaller vehicles, and hydraulic hoses can be built. Many hardware tools and items and plumbing parts are also available.

The store phone number is 325-766-3995. We wish the owner and employees success and the best of luck.



Jason Boland and the Stragglers
It’s another big weekend at the Lumberyard as Jason Boland & the Stragglers return to town Friday, and Copper Chief makes its debut here Saturday.

As all “Red Dirt/Texas Country” fans know, Jason Boland and his band have been and still are one of most popular groups dominating the Texas music scene. The group got its start in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1998 and released its first album, Pearl Snaps, in 1999.  Since then, they have gone on to produce six more studio albums: Truckstop Diaries (2001), Somewhere in the Middle (2004), The Bourbon Legend (2006), Comal County Blue (2008), Rancho Alto (2011), Dark & Dirty Mile (2013), and Squelch (2015), along with two live albums: Live and Lit at Billy Bob’s Texas (2002) and High in the Rockies (2010).

Popular singles include “Proud Souls,”  “Comal County Blue,” “Tulsa Time,” “Rich, Young Dumb Nymphomaniac,” and “Pearl Snaps.”

Copper Chief
Copper Chief is an up-and-coming central Texas band from Austin. Since the release of their self-titled CD Copper Chief in 2017, they’ve been playing to steadily growing crowds across the state.

Their sound is all their own. Influenced by Texas Red Dirt, it is part southern Rock, part country blues, soul, and southern grit, and a really a blend of all those with “three-part harmonies” and a lot of energy, according to lead singer Mike Valliere.

Singles include “Down to the River,” “Jericho,” “Muddy Water,” “Faster than the Flame,” and currently on Texas radio, “Body Aches.”

For reservations or more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



 Jayden Gonzales                                    Bonnie Wilkinson
Bonnie Wilkinson and Jayden Gonzales signed athletic letters of intent last week with Bonnie committing to Abilene Christian, where she will run track and participate in the triple jump, while Jayden will go to McMurry University as a pole vaulter.

Both participated at the State Track Meet in Austin last week, but neither came away with a medal this time around. Both, however, were completing stellar high school track careers with Bonnie winning state in the Triple Jump in 2017, and Jayden breaking the all-time Plowboy record in the pole vault earlier this spring.



Several Plowboy and Plowgirls received honors at the recent Athletic Banquet on Thursday, May 2. Four sports were recognized: football, cross country, basketball, and track and field. Here are the main ones:


Plowboy of the Year: Jose Ortega
Football Fighting Heart: Jayden Gonzales
Special Teams: Junior Martinez
Mr. Defense: Ryan Highsmith
All District 1st Team: Jose Ortega, Utility Player (Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, Linebacker).

All District 2nd Team: Junior Martinez, WR/Defensive Back; Jacob Rainey, Inside Linebacker; Nick Limones, Outside Linebacker; Gary Shaw, Defensive End; Garrett Bowers, Defensive Tackle; Barrett Beal, Safety; Jose Ortega, Punter; Jayden Gonzales, Quarterback; Junior Martinez, Wide Receiver; Rey Martinez, Offensive Line.

Academic All-District Football: Jacob Rainey, Caleb Gray, Andrew Deleon, Nick Limones, Jayden Gonzales, Barrett Beal, Tristan Baker, Junior Martinez, Gage Turnbow.



All District 1st Team: Shauna McCambridge, Bonnie Wilkinson
All District 2nd Team: Veronica Cuellar
Honorable Mention: Jovana Peña

MVP: Sadie McCambridge
Fighting Heart: Veronica Cuellar
Defense Player: Sadie McCambridge
Plowgirl of the Year: Shauna McCambridge

Academic All District: Riley Sheridan, Jovana Peña, Kadee Martinez, Sadie McCambridge, Shauna McCambridge, Jaci Alexander, Veronica Cuellar, Bonnie Wilkinson.


Plowboys of the Year Basketball: Caleb Gray and Jayden Gonzales

Cross Country

Regional Qualifiers/Plowgirls of the Year: Riley Sheridan, Victoria Martinez
Regional Qualifiers/Plowboys of the Year: Aidan Hermosillio, Tyler Guelker, Caleb Reed

Track & Field


Plowboys of the Year Track: Caleb Gray and Jayden Gonzales

State Qualifier: Jayden Gonzales, Pole Vault
Regional Qualifiers: Jayden Gonzales, Pole Vault; Tristan Baker, 110 meter hurdles; Brandon Lavalais, Shot Put; Plowboy 4 x 200 meter relay: Tyler Guelker, Caleb Gray, Jaythan Coale, Gary Shaw; 4 x 100 meter relay: Tyler Guelker, Brayan Medina-Solis, Zachary Parrott, Caleb Gray.
Academic All-District: Junior Martinez, Tristan Baker, Jaythan Coale

Plowgirl of the Year: Bonnie Wilkinson

State Qualifier: Bonnie Wilkinson, Triple Jump

Regional Qualifiers: Bonnie Wilkinson, Triple Jump, 400 meters; Plowgirl 4 x 400 meter relay: Jaci Alexander, Victoria Martinez, Sadie McCambridge, Bonnie Wilkinson.


Britt Paty Memorial Award: Gary Shaw
Clyde Jay Scholarship: Veronica Cuellar, Andrew Deleon, Jovana Peña, Jose Ortega
Charles and Verla Ratliff Scholarship: Kadee Martinez, Jayden Gonzales



The flags at school were completely limp yesterday afternoon.
Up until Monday, the weather this past week felt more like March than May with some downright chilly days and nights. Last Wednesday’s high of 80°F was as warm as it got for the rest of the week. A cold front dropped Thursday’s high to 64°, and Friday’s to only 51°, accompanied by a brisk north wind that kept wind-chill temperatures in the forties.

Then, early Saturday morning about five o’clock a shower accompanied by thunder and lightning dropped about a half-inch in the area. Kenny Landfried recorded an official total of .47” for the town. Saturday was also cool with a high of 61° before Sunday turned out to be absolutely gorgeous with a high of 75°, mostly sunny skies, and almost no wind at all. Monday and Tuesday were similarly beautiful. Skies were mostly sunny, breezes light to nonexistent, and afternoon highs of 80° Monday and 83° yesterday.

The forecast for today and the rest of the week is for warmer temperatures. The highs for today, tomorrow, and Friday will be around 85° with sunshine and a return of the south wind, especially on Friday. Saturday will be slightly cooler with a high of 81°, gusty winds, and a 60% chance of morning showers. Lows will be warm at around sixty.

The rest of the weekend should be sunny and windy with a Sunday high of about 85°.



Funeral services for John O. Martin, 86, of Roscoe were held at Roscoe Church of Christ yesterday with Royce Clay and Tyler Martin officiating. Interment followed at the Champion Cemetery under the direction of McCoy Funeral Home. He passed away at his home on Saturday, May 11.

John was born September 29, 1932, in Grant, Oklahoma, to the late George and Annie (Scott) Martin. He had lived in Roscoe area since 1935 and was a graduate of Highland High School. He married Helen Joyce Cotton on August 24, 1956, in Roscoe. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany. He was a member of the Roscoe Church of Christ.

Surviving him are his daughter Amy Boyd and husband Kent of Loraine; sons, Don Martin and wife Debbie of Roscoe, and Larry Martin and wife Carola of Sweetwater; grandchildren, Kassie Alexander and husband Jake, Derick Merket, Kara Johnson and husband Kade, Tyler Martin and wife Morgan, Tanner Martin and wife Morgan, Kaylee Martin, Corynn Martin, and Christa Martin; six great grandchildren; and brother George Martin of Abilene.

He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Helen in 2016; grandson, Trevor Don Martin; sisters Mary Elizabeth Monroe, Printy Rankin, Donna Vernon, and Sue Nell Noel; and a brother, J.T. Martin.

Pallbearers were Derick Merket, Tyler Martin, Kade Johnson, Jake Alexander, Tanner Martin and Michael Hazard.

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be made to The Children’s Home of Lubbock, P.O. Box 2824, Lubbock, TX 79408.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

RCHS Seniors Receive Associate Degrees

Front row l-r: Olivia Madden, Jasmine Foster, Coltin Watts, Gage Turnbow, Ty Fullwood, Josh Benner, Blake Dean, Veronica Cuellar, Kadee Martinez, Liberty Saenz, Bonnie Wilkinson, Jovana Peña, Sara Arenivez; back row l-r: Xavier Frith, Austin Lara, Arthur Pope, Andrew DeLeon, Joshua Stegge, Alfonoso Islas, Nick Limones, Amanda Sanchez, Jayden Gonzales, Caleb Boren and Caleb Gray.
Twenty-six Roscoe Collegiate High School seniors received their Associate Degrees from Western Texas College in Snyder yesterday morning, May 7.

Here are the names of the students receiving their degrees:

Sara Arenivaz                            Nicholas Limones
Josh Benner                              Adrian Lomas
Caleb Boren                               Olivia Madden
Veronica Cuellar                       Kadee Martinez
Blake Dean                                 Jose Ortega
Andrew Deleon                          Jovana Peña
Jasmine Foster                          Arthur Pope
Xavier Frith                                Liberty Saenz
Ty Fullwood                               Amanda Sanchez
Jayden Gonzales                       Josh Stegge
Caleb Gray                                  Gage Turnbow
Alfonso Islas                               Coltin Watts
Austin Lara                                 Bonnie Wilkinson



Anna Hatton, Recruiter, TTU College of Education; Brandi Sullivan, Iris Gonzalez, Alejandra Solis, all Roscoe students; and Marsha Alexander, Roscoe CISD Dean of Academics.
In keeping with Superintendent Kim Alexander’s long-time goal of bringing the university to students here in Roscoe, two universities—Texas Tech and West Texas A&M—are beginning new programs that will allow local students to complete their bachelor’s degrees here in Roscoe.

The students in the photo above will be completing a one-year, fast-track teacher preparation program through the Texas Tech University College of Education at Roscoe Collegiate ISD beginning this fall.

This program, known as ITeachTech, helps those who already have an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree become a top-notch certified teacher and obtain a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in just one year. This program combines online courses with practicum experiences in the student’s local community.

Students will receive one-on-one classroom coaching, intense clinical experiences, and rigorous academic preparation. They will complete the program in June 2020 and graduate in August 2020 from Texas Tech University.

The first cohort for the West Texas A&M University program begins in June. Its first group will be current Roscoe graduates who have the Associate degree. However, plans are to expand the program in the future to local people who for one reason or another started but never completed their four-year degrees.

Through the Innovation Degree Program, they will be able to resume their education here in Roscoe. Classwork will be completed online but students and advisers will meet regularly, giving students the advantages of personal staff attention, local support, and the encouragement of classmates. Students may be able to apply past learning to create a customized degree in business, agriculture, and more.

Tuition fees will be among the most affordable in Texas, and West Texas A&M’s undergraduate online programs rank #1 in Texas and #18 nationally for quality and affordability.



The top boys and girls from each of the four high school classes and three junior high classes were named at the annual RCISD Academic Banquet held in the School Cafetorium yesterday evening.

There were two categories for each grade, Best All Around Student and Outstanding Work Ethic. Here are the students who received the awards:

Best All Around Student         Outstanding Work Ethic
High School
12th Grade
   Boy: Nicholas Limones                 Boy: Jayden Gonzales
   Girl: Kadee Martinez                     Girl: Veronica Cuellar

11th Grade
   Boy: Martin Luna                          Boy: Tristan Baker
   Girl: Becca Shaw                            Girl: Shayden Tinkler

10th Grade
   Boy: Caleb Reed                             Boy: Arthur Villa
   Girl: Hannah Ward                        Girl: Gabby Dyck

9th Grade
   Boy: Hayden Baker                       Boy: Tyler Guelker
   Girl: Arwen Elmore                       Girl: Marcella Saenz

Junior High
8th Grade
   Boy: Jaden Alexander                   Boy: Jacob Blain
   Girl: Cameron Greenwood           Girl: Malena Munn

7th Grade
   Boy: Parker Gleaton                      Boy: Morgan Turnbow
   Girl: Kady Ornelas                         Girl: Kenzie Danner

6th Grade
   Boy: Ivan McCann                         Boy: Carson Caldwell
   Girl: Ana Islas                                 Girl: Vonnie Watts



The America Achieves Educator Networks, which recently included Roscoe school’s P-20 program in a report along with other innovative programs in New Orleans, Atlanta, and the Silicon Valley, has now included a detailed description of all facets of its program in a new report featured on its website.

The 25-page report describes in depth the school’s plan to create college and career-ready graduates through a program that begins in pre-K and continues through elementary, junior high, and high school seamlessly into higher education. In doing so, it explores the school’s focus on higher education and its partnerships with Western Texas College and four-year universities, its degree and certification programs, and its incentives that keep students engaged and motivated.

It also discusses the various initiatives of Edu-Nation, i.e., Edu-Vet, Edu-Weld, Edu-Drone, and Edu-Make It, along with its robotics program and College Chiropractic. It describes its successes as well as its goals.

A link to the report may be found on the America Achieves Educator Networks website (“Read the Roscoe School Profile”), or the article itself may be accessed by clicking here.


by Dusty White

On May 3rd, Roscoe Collegiate ISD hosted its 2nd Annual Blackland Drone Races. This year it doubled in size as far as participants go, with students from Roscoe, ATEMS, Christoval, Snyder, & Bridgeport all competing. There was a total of 47 racers total, up from the 27 participants in last year’s race.

There were two different racing events, the first being a Line of Sight race with Parrot Mambo drones. Skiron from ATEMS won that event, with Rutik from Snyder ISD getting second and Talon from Snyder getting 3rd. In the afternoon we moved to Plowboy Stadium to race Parrot Bebops. Horizon from ATEMS won that event, with Eli from Christoval getting 2nd. BryFly from ATEMS won 3rd in the Bebop races.

During the Bebop races, there were also racers showing off their custom racing quads by doing freestyles in between races. The race day was a huge success, with all schools committing to coming back next year. 



The Roscoe Police Department wishes to advise everyone to be on the lookout for counterfeit $20 bills, which are being used to purchase items in local stores.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit bill, please contact the Police Department dispatch at Nolan County at 325-235-5471.



Friday's storm cloud shortly before it hit. (Photo by Eden Baker)
It’s been a big week for rain in Roscoe and surrounding area with two big storms. The first came last Friday evening. The storm was interesting in that the cloud built back to Roscoe from the east. Compared to places east of us, including Sweetwater, where there was hail and flooding, we got off relatively light, but, even so, there was some pea-sized hail in places and varying amounts of rainfall. Here in town, the official total was two inches, but I heard reports of as little as under an inch to more than three and a half inches depending on location.

The second rain came early this morning, starting around five o’clock and lasting for a little over an hour. It arrived with much thunder and lightning, and was very intense at times. I haven’t spoken with anyone yet, but considering the size of the storm, it’s safe to say that most places probably got around 1½ to 2 two more inches. Kenny Landfried recorded an official 1.23" for here in town, but there were flash flood warnings posted for this area this morning.

Since the rain on Friday, it’s been relatively cool with forecasts for scattered showers almost every day, but with little falling before last night. The high temperature since last Wednesday was Monday afternoon’s 82°F. The weekend was cool with mostly clouds and highs of 69° on Thursday and Saturday, and 76° on Friday. Sunday warmed up to 79°, followed by Monday’s 82° and yesterday’s 80°. Lows haven’t been all that low, though. The low for the week was Saturday morning’s 54°.

Today should be sunny for a change with a high of 83°, which should dry things out a bit. But tomorrow will see a considerable fall in temperature as a norther moves through and drops the day’s high to 65° and the morning low to 45°, which will be cooler than we've had for some time. Friday and Saturday will also be cool with north winds and highs in the low sixties. There is also a 40% chance of showers on Friday. Sunday and Monday will be warmer with highs of 74° and on Tuesday there’s a 50% chance for more rain.



Services for Clifford Gerome Burnett, 85, of Roscoe will be at 2:00pm Friday at Roscoe Church of Christ with Randall Smith officiating. Interment will follow at Roscoe Cemetery with Bobby Soules officiating. Mr. Burnett passed away on Monday, May 6, in Weatherford.

Visitation will be tomorrow from 6:00-8:00pm at McCoy Funeral Home in Sweetwater.

Cliff was born on February 12, 1934, in Sweetwater to Vilonger G. and Winona M. (Hutto) Burnett. A graduate of Roscoe High and former Plowboy, he married Ellen Rae Thomas on June 3, 1955, in Roscoe. She passed away July 3, 1996. He was a dirt contractor who lived in Roscoe and Nolan County most of his life. He was a member of the Roscoe Church of Christ.

He is survived by his son, Brad Burnett and wife, Ida Mae, of Weatherford; daughter, Dee Waller of Atlanta, Georgia; sisters, Annie Crozier of Abilene, Valeree Cherry of Carlsbad, New Mexico; grandchildren, Lucky Hollingsworth; Emery Luther; Zane, Keeley, and Brant Burnett; Georgia, Graceland, and Joey Waller; and five great-grandchildren.

He was also preceded in death by a granddaughter, Misty Hollingsworth; sister Imogene Good; and brother John R. “Buddy” Burnett.

Pallbearers will be Brant Burnett, Danny Kincaid, Rocky Kincaid, Johnny Soules, Jimmy Walters, and Rodney Ernest.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fire Destroys Richburg Farrowing House

The farrowing house after the roof collapsed.
A devastating fire last Thursday night at the Richburg farm west of Roscoe destroyed the farrowing barn Allen Richburg used to breed, raise and house his show pigs. 

The damage was extensive enough that he is selling off his bred sows and boars, including many of those bred by Richburg Show Pigs. He has suspended his hog raising operation and doesn’t know when he will be able to resume.

The Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department responded to a 911 call made by someone who spotted the blaze while driving on I-20 Thursday night. Roscoe firemen paged out at 3:14am, while Sweetwater firemen and the Nolan County Sheriff’s Department arrived somewhat later. According to the official report, the barn was a total loss, and the blaze killed two sows, thirty-one piglets, and several kittens. One kitten was rescued but died later. Cause of the fire has still not yet been determined but is possibly electric.

Allen Richburg says he has been overwhelmed by the responses and kindnesses received following the accident. He wants to thank all of those who responded with prayers and sympathy on Facebook as well as all the Roscoe and Sweetwater firemen and Sheriff’s Department officers along with others who made donations or otherwise helped out.



Bonnie Wilkinson does the Triple Jump in an earlier meet.
Bonnie Wilkinson and Jayden Gonzales qualified for the State Finals at the Region 1-2A Track and Field Meet at South Plains College in Levelland last weekend. 

For Bonnie, who missed last year’s state finals because of an injury, it will be a return to Austin and a chance to repeat her win in the Triple Jump, which she accomplished there in 2017. In fact, her distance in last week’s meet was her best yet at 37’ 5½”, farther even than her state-winning jump of 36’11½” in 2017.

For Jayden, it will be his first trip to the State Finals, but he also will have a chance for a medal after tying for the highest Pole Vault in both the Area and Regional Meets. At last week’s meet, his vault of 13’ 2” tied for the best, but he was beaten in a subsequent “jump-off.” He also broke the school record with his 14’ 3” vault in the Area Meet, beating by 3 inches the old record set by Shae Sanford in 1993.

None of the other Plowboys or Plowgirls finished in the top or runner-up spots and so did not qualify to advance. Nevertheless, they can still consider their seasons successful as they made it to the Regional Meet before bowing out.

Here are the complete results for the Roscoe athletes:


Event                            Place          Athlete              Time/Distance
110 meter hurdles         12        Tristan Baker                 17.63
4 x 100 meter relay       10        Plowboys                        45.29
(Tyler Guelker, Jaythan Coale, Andrew Deleon, Gary Shaw)
4 x 200 meter relay        7        Plowboys                      1:46.13
(Tyler Guelker, Caleb Gray, Jaythan Coale, Gary Shaw)
Shot Put                           8        Brandon Lavalais          43’ 4¼”
Pole Vault                        2        Jaydon Gonzales            13’ 3”


400 meter dash              5        Bonnie Wilkinson        1:00.58
4 x 400 meter relay       8        Plowgirls                        4:25.72
(K. Martinez, Sa. McCambridge, V. Martinez, B. Wilkinson)
Triple Jump                    1         Bonnie Wilkinson         37’ 5½”

The 2019 UIL Track and Field State Championships will be held next weekend, May 10-11, at the Mike A. Myers Track Complex in Austin.



This is the photo that appears in the PCCA Commentator article.
PCCA Commentator, the magazine of the Plains Cotton Co-op Association (PCCA), is currently featuring the Bankhead family in an article entitled “Bankhead Family Grounded in Faith and Conservation.”

Written by Jayci Cave, the article describes changes the Bankhead family of Champion—Randall, Mary, and son-in-law Scott Schuchard—have made to their farming methods over the last few years. Their switch from the old, conventional methods to new ones that focus on replenishing the soil, such as no-till farming and the use of cover crops, earned Randall the honor of being named the 2018 Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board Outstanding Conservation Farmer.

In the article, the family members are interviewed, and some of their answers reveal their belief in co-ops, including Roscoe's Central Rolling Plains Co-op, and descriptions of some of their methods for improving and sustaining the soil, along with some of the problems involved.

The article may be found in this month’s issue of the magazine. It is also available online at



The Cinco de Mayo Celebration and Scholarship Dinner will be held this Sunday, May 5, at Roscoe Collegiate High School.

Dinner and student presentations will last from 11:30am to 2:30pm, while the carnival will run from 1:00-5:00. There will be plenty of fun and activities including a bounce house, face painting, mini-mercado, paletas, music, lotería (Spanish bingo), cakewalk, and other activities.

There will also be student displays and presentations, door prizes, tours, and more.

The dinner of Mexican pile-on, drink, and dessert will be $8 for adults, $6 for kids 4-10, and free for children under four. Proceeds will benefit senior scholarships.



Yesterday's sunset.
The weather this past week has been just about as nice as it gets in west Texas. We didn’t get any rain, but with the showers of the previous week, things were still somewhat wet, the sun was shining, wildflowers were in bloom, grass was growing at record pace, temperatures were mild, and the winds were relatively light for this time of year. In short, it was nice and would be nicer if we had a few months of this kind of weather every year.

High temperature for the week was on Saturday afternoon, which topped out at 88°F. Sunday wasn’t far behind with a high of 86°. Highs reached the eighties every day except Thursday which topped out at 76°. The week’s low temperature came on Thursday morning at 51°. Other daily lows were around 60°.

The forecast is for a high of 82° this afternoon, but that will change as clouds roll in with a 50% chance of thunderstorms this evening and tonight. Tomorrow winds will shift to the northeast and the 50% chance for showers will increase to 60% on Friday before dropping to 20% for the weekend. Termperatures will reach only 68° on Friday and 75° Saturday before returning to the low eighties on Sunday and Monday.

Forecasts for next week are also mild with more chances of rain toward the end of the week.



A mass of Christian Burial for Fidel Albarran, 59, of Colorado City will be held tomorrow, May 2, at 10:00am at St. Ann’s Catholic Church with Father Michael Udegbunam officiating. Burial will follow at the Mitchell County Cemetery. He passed away peacefully on Sunday, April 28, at his home surrounded by loved ones after a long courageous battle with cancer.

He was born on May 25, 1959, in Guanajuato, Mexico, to Eusebio and Angela Carillo Albarran. A communicant of St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Colorado City, Fidel was known as a hard-working man who loved God and his family. He was caring and passionate and was the type of person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. A jack-of-all-trades, he was originally a roofer in Mitchell County, but many will remember him from his 15 years of working for the City of Roscoe.

In his spare time, he spent time with his grandchildren, who were motivators for him to fight the good fight against cancer for so many years. You could find him practicing baseball with them, getting their swimming pool ready, or driving them here and there on the golf cart. He also enjoyed watching the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys.

Fidel is survived by his wife of 34 years, Frances Albarran; sons Philip Castro and wife Linzee, and Diego Albarran; daughter, Brenda Martinez and husband Macario; grandchildren Lanee Castro, Mikell, Hunter, Novah, and Elijah Martinez, all of Colorado City; brothers Alberto Albarran and wife Esperanza of Mexico, David Albarran and wife Mikaela of Mexico, Eusebio Albarran, Jr., and wife Luz of North Carolina and Alfonzo Albarran of Mexico; sisters, Paulina Perez and husband Joe of Snyder, Reina Guerrero and husband Raul of Mexico, Josefina Francisco-Campos of Mexico, Bertha Comacho and husband Luis of Mexico, and Carmen Albarran of Jacksboro; several nieces, nephews, cousins, and dear friends are also left behind to cherish his memory.

He was preceded in death by his parents and by a grandson Ethan Martinez who passed in 2007.


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