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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Injun Robert" Say "Ugh, Sunrise Wind Not So Good"

The pre-dawn fire burns brightly in preparation for the Sunrise Wind ceremony.
“Injun Robert” McBride lit his fire and did his dance as the sun rose on Friday, the morning after the first day of Spring, and just as last year, his forecast is not an auspicious one.  He found the wind to be out of the southwest, which traditional Indian lore sees as an omen of below-average crops for the coming year.

For those of you who don’t know the history of Injun Robert’s rain dance, a little background is in order.  The ritual was an annual custom of the Plains Indians long before the white man came. 

Known in the Comanche language as Taba’na Yuan’e or the “Sunrise Wind” ceremony, it was observed around 1880 by a Mr. Crim, who was in charge of the mule teams used in building the T&P railway across west Texas.  While in the Van Horn area on the morning of March 22, he noticed puffs of smoke coming from all the Indian huts in sight.  He asked what was going on and was told that the Indians were seeing what kind of crops they would have that year by building a fire just before dawn and then, as the sun appeared, observing which direction the wind blew the smoke.  This was always done on the morning after the first day of spring. 

If the wind that carried the smoke upward was from the east or northeast, crops would be plentiful. A north or northwest wind foretold average yields, a west wind was bad, a southwest wind worse, and a south wind the worst of all. 

In the early 1970s “Injun George” Parks learned that the ceremony was still being performed annually in Muleshoe by old Mr. Crim’s son, referred to by the locals there as “Injun John.”  “Injun George” found out its particulars from “Injun John” and replicated them here for many years until shortly before his death in 1983.  In addition to observing the smoke, “Injun George” added a rain dance around the fire in hopes that it would lessen the effects of a bad forecast and increase those of a good one.

In 2012, “Injun Robert” McBride revived the practice, and the prediction turned out to be accurate.  On dawn of the day after the onset of spring, the wind was from the northwest, forecasting an average crop—and that’s just what we got. Then last year’s southwest wind predicted a below average crop, but we actually did somewhat better than that, so perhaps it was his rain dance that gave our chances the necessary boost. 

This year “Injun Robert” included another traditional Native American practice by adding a “rain turtle” to the ceremony.  This ritual, believed to bring rain to drought-stricken areas, involves drawing a turtle on the ground with a stick and then spitting on its back.  According to Wikipedia, the time required for the desired rain to come varies from almost immediately to several days.  And this morning, it did rain about a tenth of an inch, so maybe the “rain turtle” did work, but you could hardly call it a drought breaker.  Even so, every little bit helps, and more may be on the way.  

In any case, we still hope for a good crop this year. 



Whitney Williams threatens Adrian Ortega as Ashton Payne and Adam Pope look on during a performance of "The Phony Physician" at the Dinner Theater in the RCHS Cafetorium last week.
Roscoe High’s One-Act Play cast won their zone competition in Westbrook on Monday with their performance of “The Phony Physician.”  They will compete with Hermleigh, Rotan, and Trent for the district title in Westbrook tomorrow at 2:00pm. 

In the competition on Monday, the Best Actress Award went to Whitney Williams.  Selected to the All-Star Cast were Adrian Ortega and Ashton Payne with Korie Rogers receiving honorable mention.  Amber Craig received a Technical Crew award. 

The Director is RCHS Librarian Gay-Lynn Moses.



Plowboy Max Nemir prepares to pass the baton to Kevin Lavalais in the 4 x 400 meter relay. (Photo courtesy of Gordon Nemir.)
Several Roscoe athletes competed in the Angelo Relays at San Angelo last weekend. 

The Plowboys competed against athletes from Blackwell, Christoval, Forsan, Grape Creek, Panhandle, Pecos, Perryton, Reagan County, San Angelo Central JV, San Angelo Lake View JV, Sonora, Stanton, and Wall.  Here are the Plowboys who scored points:

Event                                Place             Athlete                            Time
3200 meter run                6             Jesus Leanos               10:46.72
300 meter hurdles           5             Max Nemir                        42.94

The Plowgirls competed against athletes from Ballinger, Forsan, Grape Creek, Midland Lee, Panhandle, Pecos, Perryton, Reagan County, San Angelo Central JV, San Angelo Lake View JV, Sonora, Stanton, and Wall. Here are the Plowgirls who scored points:

Event                                Place              Athlete                           Time
3200 meter run                6               Alejandra Solis          13:47.14
4 x 100 m. relay               6               Roscoe*                              54.79
100 meter hurdles           4              Sunshine Saddler            17.86
4 x 400 m. relay               5               Roscoe*                         4:25.40

* The Plowgirls’ relay teams comprise Lyndi Wilkinson, Whitney Williams, Eva Aguayo, and Sunshine Saddler.



The NOAA's official 90-day forecast for the US.  EC means the Roscoe area has an equal chance for above normal, normal, or below normal precipitation over the next three months.
For the past couple of days, weather forecasters were giving us a 40%-50% chance for rain last night and this morning, and we did get some precipitation at about six.  But it wasn’t much—maybe a tenth of an inch—just enough for “Injun Robert” to claim his “rain turtle” worked.  In any case, it’s the first appreciable precipitation we’ve had all year, so maybe it will bring us some more.

Otherwise, it’s been an up-and-down week as far as temperatures go.  On Friday the high was 85°F and the low was 59°, while two days later on Sunday the high was only 54° and the low 34° with the rest of the week somewhere in between.  The one constant has been the wind, which has blown from one direction or another all week.

And it will continue to blow today with 25-30mph south winds this afternoon with gusts up to 45mph.  Today’s high will be only in the mid-sixties, but tomorrow and the weekend will be warmer with afternoon temperatures climbing into the upper seventies and morning lows in the mid to upper forties.

At this time, there is no more rain in the forecast.



Graveside services for immediate family are pending for Mitchell High, 64, formerly of Roscoe, who passed away on Saturday, March 22, at Medical City in Dallas.

Mitchell was born to Roy and Margaret High on October 13, 1949, in Palestine, Texas, and moved with his family to Roscoe in 1956.  He was an active member of the Roscoe Boys Club and a 1967 graduate of Roscoe High School.  After graduation, he joined the U.S. Army and served in Germany.  Following his discharge, he followed in his father's footsteps and became a long-haul trucker.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Roy and Margaret High; brothers C. J., Gary, and Ricky; and by his sister Sue Iverson. He is survived by his brother, Roy High of Sweetwater, and sisters Marilyn Billard of Arlington, Texas; Deborah Leach of Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Cathy Hurd of Atlanta, Georgia; as well as many nieces, great-nieces, nephews and great-nephews.

A memorial gathering is planned for Thursday, March 27, at the home of Marilyn Billard in Arlington.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Four to Run for Two City Council Spots

In the City Council election to be held on May 10 at the Community Center, four candidates will run for two open seats.  Helen Perry and Virgil Pruitt are finishing their three-year terms, and Pruitt will not run again but Perry will. 

The four candidates are incumbent Helen Perry, Ken Brawley, who has previously served two terms; Enez Ensenia; and Billy Joe Jay. 

Also on the ballot will be a vote to renew the 0.25% city sales tax for street maintenance and repair.  Early voting will be from April 28 to May 6 at City Hall during business hours, except for the last two days, May 5 and 6, when voting will be from 7am to 7pm. 



Dumpsters at the dump site for the Spring Clean-Up just east of town.
The City of Roscoe's annual Spring Clean-Up began on Monday, March 17, and runs through this Saturday, March 22.  Hours of operation are 9:00am-7:00pm.

Drop-offs may be made at the old sanitary sewer plant on the north side of the I-20 service road between Cemetery Road and S. Main Street.

Dumpsters are located inside the fenced facility, and all trash should be deposited in them. Separate areas are designated for tree and brush limbs and for metal objects.

Items which may not be placed in containers are as follows: paint, oil, oil filters, chemical containers, and tree limbs.  Air conditioners and refrigerators must be tagged land-fill acceptable.  There is no curb service, and since the Spring Clean-Up is for Roscoe residents only, anyone dropping off anything must be prepared to show a City of Roscoe water bill. 

For more information, contact City Hall during business hours at 325-766-3871.



Plowgirl Ashley Lara came in sixth place in the Class 1A State Powerlifting Meet in Corpus Christi this past weekend.  In the girls’ 198 pound class, she had a 310 lb. squat, a 130 lb. bench press, and a 260 lb. dead lift for a total score of 700.

Congratulations, Ashley!



Plowboy Max Nemir at the Pied Piper Relays (Photos courtesy of Gordon Nemir)
Roscoe’s track teams faced some stiff competition at last week’s Pied Piper Relays in Hamlin.  The boys competed with athletes from Abilene Christian HS, Albany, Breckenridge, Colorado City, Cross Plains, Eula, Hamlin, Haskell, Hawley, Jayton, Munday, O’Donnell, Rotan, Rule, and Sterling City.

Here are the Plowboys who scored points:

Event                           Place          Name                Best Time/Distance
200 meter dash:           4        Shelton Toliver                   24.38
400 meter dash:           2        Kevin Lavalais                     54.29
800 meter run:              6        Braiden Moore                2:17.54
110 meter hurdles:       4        Dillon Freeman                   17.83
300 meter hurdles:      4        Max Nemir                          43.25
4 x 100 m. relay:          4         Roscoe “A”                          46.06
4 x 400 m. relay:          2         Roscoe “A”                      3:38.24

The Plowgirls competed with athletes from Albany, Breckenridge, Colorado City, Cross Plains, Hamlin, Haskell, Hawley, Highland, Jayton, O’Donnell, and Rotan.

Here are the Plowgirls who scored points:

Event                         Place         Name                  Best Time/Distance
200 meter dash:        6          Lyndi Wilkinson                  29.11
400 meter dash:        2          Lyndi Wilkinson              1:05.52
                                          4          Eva Aguayo                       1:06.99
1600 meter run:        6           Karina Cisneros               6:22.21
Triple Jump:               5           Lyndi Wilkinson                 31’ 4”
Pole Vault:                   6           Eva Aguayo                             6’ 6”

Both Plowboys and Plowgirls will compete in the Angelo Relays in San Angelo this weekend.



The sun was obscured by dust yesterday afternoon.
Spring arrives tomorrow, and we are having a doozy of a west Texas spring already.  In the past week, some days have been hot, others cold, but the wind has been almost a constant, blowing and howling, whether from the north, south, or southwest.  The only other constant has been the dry weather. 

Last Thursday, when forecasters had given us a 20% to 30% chance of rain, it actually thundered, the first time I’d heard it this year, and sprinkled enough to get the sidewalks wet, but then it stopped and hasn’t come close since.  As a friend told me yesterday, “The wind won’t stop until we get a rain, but we won’t get a rain until the wind stops.”

Temperatures have been a mixed bag, ranging from Sunday’s high of 55°F with north wind gusts up to 44mph that made it feel much colder than that, to yesterday afternoon’s 84°, which was accompanied by red skies and blowing dust.  All things considered, it’s been a week to forget as far as the weather is concerned. 

This morning’s temperature was down to 36°, and the high today should be in the mid sixties, but we should then experience a warming trend as tomorrow's high should be in the seventies and Friday's in the mid eighties.  On Saturday, however, another cold front will move through, causing the high to drop back to the low sixties and to the low fifties on Sunday.  Weekend lows will be in the low to mid forties, and once again, there is no rain in the forecast. 



Services for Irene Gordon LeFever, 81, will be at 2:00pm on Friday, March 21, at First United Methodist Church in Roscoe.  Interment will follow at the Roscoe Cemetery. She passed away Monday, March 17, at a Lubbock hospital.

Irene was born September 18, 1932, in Bastrop to the late Santiago and Alicia Galvan. She was a longtime resident of Roscoe and owned and operated the Dairy Fluff Restaurant for 45 years with her husband Amos.  She was also a nurse’s aide in Bastrop for about five years. She attended the First United Methodist Church in Roscoe.  She married Amos Gordon on August 2, 1959, in Loraine, and he died February 3, 1987.  She then married Donnie LeFever on January 3, 2004, in Lockhart.

She is survived by her husband Donnie of Roscoe; daughters Lea Ann Williams of Hermleigh  and Lori Ann Keeton of El Reno, Oklahoma; sisters Carmen Evans of Loraine and Priscilla Salazar of Simi Valley, California; and brothers Santiago Galvan of Los Angeles, California, Mario Galvan of Abilene, and Eddie Galvan of Loraine.  She is also survived by three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and eleven nieces and nephews.  She was preceded in death by her son, Reverend Bobby Gordon, in 2007; as well as a sister and a brother.

Pallbearers will be Kirk Galvan, Rudy Vallejo, Noe Galvan, Daniel Galvan, Mario Galvan and Eddie Galvan.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Roscoe's Spring Clean-Up Next Week

The City of Roscoe's annual Spring Clean-Up will begin on Monday, March 17, and run through Saturday, March 22. Hours of operation will be 9:00am-7:00pm.

Drop-offs will be at the old sanitary sewer plant on the north side of the I-20 service road between Cemetery Road and S. Main Street.

Dumpsters will be located inside the fenced facility, and all trash should be deposited in them. Separate areas will be designated for tree and brush limbs and for metal objects.

Items which may not be placed in containers are as follows: paint, oil, oil filters, chemical containers, and tree limbs. Air conditioners and refrigerators must be tagged land-fill acceptable. There will be no curb service.

For more information, contact City Hall during business hours at 325-766-3871.



Cody Thompson gives City Manager's report to the Council.
The City Council heard complaints and the City Manager’s report and approved a couple of action items at their monthly meeting last night at City Hall.

Frank Villegas, who lives on the City’s north side, complained about the loose dogs there and requested that the City enforce its laws to correct the problem.  He also urged the Council to sealcoat the caliche roads on that side of town.  City Manager Cody Thompson referred the dog problem to the Roscoe Police Department and assured Villegas that the City has plans to sealcoat all the unpaved streets in town but reminded him that the City is limited to the money available.  He did say that the City and County will be sealcoating streets again in May and June this year and they will keep Villegas’ concerns in mind when they do so.

Thompson also gave the Council his monthly report.  He mentioned that the Texas Department of Community Affairs has finally approved the paper work for three new homes to be built in Roscoe with the Department’s financial assistance.  The program provides the three successful applicants up to about $80,000 each to tear down their old, substandard home and replace it with a new one.  The Department provides the financing, and the owners pay back whatever portion their income allows.  These three owners are Herminia Garcia, Lupe Kidd, and Eugene Griffith.

Thompson told the Council that work at the Young Farm Estates is back on track and also said that work on the Stone Tower RV Park should begin with the next thirty to sixty days.  There is a growing interest in the north side’s new land available for development, and, although nothing is definite yet, the landowner, Carl Childers, has been receiving inquiries from investors about the possibility of putting in a convenience store, a dollar store, a fracking sand operation, and other commercial ventures on the property.

Thompson reminded the Council that TxDOT (Texas Dept. of Transportation) is beginning major improvements on US 84 from FM 608 just outside Roscoe all the way to the Mitchell County line on the other side of Wastella.  During these improvements, traffic will be re-routed to the westbound lanes while the eastbound lanes are under construction.  Besides adding more inside shoulder space in places, the $11.5 million project includes resurfacing the westbound lanes.

Contractors for the Water Treatment Plant met with the City last Tuesday, and the tracking is a little ahead of schedule.  Testing should begin as early as May or early June.  Currently, the contractors are working on easements and other prospective water-line improvements.

Police Chief Felix Pantoja gave the Police Report for the month of February. 

The Council approved a County mutual aid agreement for the various city fire departments in Nolan County.  It also approved the advertising of bids for an operator for the City Swimming Pool this summer.



Jesus Leanos wins the 3200 meter run with a time of 11:22.9.
Roscoe competed with several area schools Friday at the annual Blackland Divide Relays at Plowboy Field.  High schools sending both boys and girls included Baird, Hamlin, Hawley, Jim Ned, Roby, Roscoe, and Winters. 

Several local athletes performed well at the meet.  Kevin Lavalais won the 400 meter dash, Jesus Leanos the 3200 meter run, and Plowgirl Sunshine Saddler the 100 meter hurdles.

Plowboys who scored points in the meet with event, finish, time or distance:

200 m. dash:     3.    Shelton Toliver    23.78
400 m. dash:     1.    Kevin Lavalais     55.36
800 m. run:       4.    Braiden Moore    2:26.2
1600 m. run:     2.    Jesus Leanos       5:09.7
3200 m. run:     1.    Jesus Leanos       11:22.9  

                                2.    Luis Villa             11:55.5
110 m. hurdles: 2.    Dillon Freeman  17.8  

                                 3.    Cutter Davila   20.9
300 m. hurdles: 2.    Max Nemir   43.5 

                                  4.    Dillon Freeman   45.2
4 x 100 m. relay: 2. (Vincent Pantoja, Kevin Lavalais, Max Nemir, Shelton Toliver)  46.7
4 x 200 m. relay: 4. (Pantoja, Freeman, Rafael Aguayo, Davila)  1:43.8
4 x 400 m. relay: 2. (Nemir, Lavalais, Moore, Toliver)  3:45.4

Plowgirls who scored points:

800 meter run:     2.    Danielle Dean     2:48.9

                                    4.    Samantha Ortega     3:05.4
                                     5.    Alyssa Chavez     3:10.1
1600 meter run:   3.    Karina Cisneros     6:35.7
3200 meter run:   3.    Karina Cisneros    14:09

                                     4.    Alejandra Solis    14:32
100 m. hurdles:     1.    Sunshine Saddler    16.49
4 x 100 m. relay:   2.    (Whitney Williams, Lyndi Wilkinson, Sunshine Saddler, Eva Aguayo) 54.5
4 x 200 m. relay:   2.    (Williams, Wilkinson, Mireya Sanchez, Aguayo) 1:57.5
4 x 400 m. relay:   2.    (Williams, Wilkinson, Saddler, Aguayo) 4:32.4
Pole Vault:                3.    Eva Aguayo    7’ 0"
Triple Jump:             5.    Samantha Ortega   29’ 3.75”
Shot Put:                    4.    Selena Perez     24’ 6” 

                                        5.    Mia Herrera    24’  
                                        6.    Caty Chavira    23’ 7”
Discus Throw:          6.    Caty Chavira   65’10”

Plowboys and Plowgirls will compete next at the Pied Piper Relays in Hamlin on Saturday.



The City of Roscoe’s B Board met on Monday and set this year’s program for Spring Fling and the Fourth of July celebration.

Spring Fling will be on Saturday, April 26.  It will begin around 5:00pm and end around 10:00pm.  Live music will be downtown “on the bricks” between City Hall and Old Town Park.  Street vendors will be on Cypress and Broadway, and there will be a chili cookoff.  Starting around 7:00pm the free concert and street dance will begin.  The headline band will be Rance Norton and the Cadillac Cowboys, who opened for Moe Bandy at the West Texas Wind Festival.  They play traditional country dance music.  Their performance will be followed by a fireworks show.

The Fourth of July celebration will be on Saturday, July 5.  Events will begin around 10:00am with the parade and will finish at around 10:00pm with the fireworks show.  There will be a kids’ area with bounce houses, and food and craft vendors will line the streets.  The Plowboy Mudbog will be at the baseball field.  There will be live music, a free concert, and street dance with the headline band Jason Boland and the Stragglers a "red dirt" group.  The celebration will conclude with the fireworks show.

So make your plans now to attend these popular Roscoe festivals.



Several Plowgirl basketball players have received District 13-A these all-district honors:
Defensive Player of the Year – Eva Aguayo
First Team All-District – Sam Ortega, Sunshine Saddler
All-District Honorable Mention – Shelby Brown, Ashton Payne, Selena Perez, Whitney Williams
Academic All-District – Eva Aguayo, Cassie Chavira, Amber Craig, Ashton Payne, Sunshine Saddler, Whitney Williams



Suzy Bogguss
Country music star Suzy Bogguss will make her first appearance at the Lumberyard on Friday night.  She  began her career in the 1980s as a solo singer. In the 1990s, she released one platinum and three gold albums and charted six top ten singles, winning the Academy of Country Music's award for Top New Female Vocalist and the Country Music Association's Horizon Award.

Her hit songs include “Outbound Plane,” “Aces,” “Letting Go,” “Drive South,” “Just Like the Weather,” and “Hey, Cinderella” among others.  She has released eight albums and performed at the White House.  The show begins about 9:30.  Cover charge is $20.

Dave Perez of the Tejas Brothers
Then on Saturday night, the ever popular Tejas Brothers return to Roscoe and the Lumberyard.  In 2011, they performed at the city’s Spring Fling and have also played at the Lumberyard.  Their distinctive Tex-Mex sound and energetic performances have brought them acclaim throughout the state.  Hit songs include “Boogie Woogie Mamacita,” “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” “Wiggle,” and “I Can’t Sleep.”  Cover charge is $10.



Yesterday's west wind kept skies dusty and flags flapping.

It's March in west Texas and the weather has been showing it with daily changes in temperatures, dusty skies, and high winds.  Last Friday was a beautiful warm, sunny day, although a little breezy, for the Blackland Divide Relays in the afternoon and perfect for the Gene Watson performance at the Lumberyard that evening.  The high that day was 80°F.

Saturday, however, was considerably cooler with a biting north wind that had gusts up to 32mph.  Sunday was gorgeous with a high of 62° and hardly any breeze at all, and Monday was even warmer when the temperature climbed to 75°.  Then yesterday was even warmer at 87°.  However, the skies were dusty and there were high west winds all day.  Last night, the temperature dropped as winds shifted to the north and howled all night long.  Gusts were up to 46mph and temperatures dropped to 38° with the wind chills down to 30° or so.

The forecast  is for a high of 56° today and steadily warming temperatures tomorrow and Friday, when the high should be in the low to mid seventies and a low in the mid forties.  Saturday should be similar to Friday, while Sunday should be cooler with a high in the sixties and a low in the thirties.

There has been no precipitation, nor is there any in the forecast.



Holy Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 1 p.m. today, March 12, at Immaculate Heart in Sweetwater for Isidro Gonzalez, 94, who died Saturday, March 8, at Nolan Nursing and Rehab in Sweetwater.

He was born May 15, 1919, in San Fernando, Mexico, and married Angelina Araquez on March 23, 1941, in Matamoros, Mexico.  He had lived in Roscoe since 1958.  He was a farmer by trade and also worked at the cotton gins. A member of the Catholic Church, he was preceded in death by a son, Enrique Gonzalez, and a daughter, Maria Gonzalez.

Survivors include his wife, Angelina Gonzalez of Roscoe; six sons, Salvador Gonzalez of Sweetwater, Isidro Gonzalez, Jr. of Colorado City, Jose Gonzalez of Sweetwater; Juan Gonzalez of Sweetwater, Jessie Gonzalez of Sweetwater, and LeRoy Gonzalez of Roscoe; 11 daughters, Maria Granado of Roscoe, Adelina Guerrero of Roscoe, Connie Amaya of Roscoe, Lupe Gomez of Sweetwater, Maggie Gomez of Sweetwater, Betty Rendon of Roscoe, Mary Segura of Sweetwater, Gloria Woodward of Sweetwater, Rosa Mary Gonzalez of Ft. Worth, Ninfa Chavira of Abilene, and Martina Gonzalez of Roscoe; 76 grandchildren, 158 great grandchildren, and 25 great-great grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Salvador Gonzalez, Sid Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, Jessie Gonzalez, and LeRoy Gonzalez.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Highland Falls to Calvert in State Semifinals

Highland's Sierra Allen calls for the ball as Calvert's defense collapses around her.

At the state 1A-II semifinal game in the Frank Erwin Center in Austin Friday, there was no mistaking Highland from Calvert.  It was the tall white girls in blue against the smaller black girls in white.

Unfortunately, the hot hand of Calvert’s Jaylonn Walker spelled doom for Highland’s hopes to advance as the diminutive sophomore made six three-point shots and 30 points overall as Calvert won the game 53-45 to move on to the state finals.

Highland came to play and jumped out to an early 9-3 lead—and the game might have turned out  different if it hadn’t been for Walker, who hit four early 3-pointers to keep the her team in the game and tie the score at 12-12.  It seemed that no matter how well the Hornets played or what they did, Walker kept neutralizing it with her long bombs.  Her teammates, initially tentative and unsettled, gained confidence from her success and finally began moving as the first quarter wound down.  The score at the end of one was Calvert 17-Highland 14.

Calvert then started the second quarter with a 9-4 run to extend their lead to 26-18, and for the rest of the game, the Trojans played with confidence, while Highland’s girls found themselves struggling in the unfamiliar situation of playing catch-up.   At the half, the score was 30-26 Calvert.

In the third quarter, the Trojans extended their lead to 43-34 as their disruptive defense forced several turnovers and kept the Hornets from getting into any kind of offensive rhythm.

In the fourth quarter, the Highland girls tried their best to make a comeback, but Sierra Allen and Beth Richburg both fouled out with over three minutes left to go, and although the rest of the team played well, they couldn’t find the spark they needed to get back into the game, and the Lady Hornets wound up losing by eight, 53-45.

High scorer for the Hornets was Hannah Allen with 13, followed by Sierra Allen with 12.  Schyler Kimbrell had 8, Sydney Helbert 6, and Madison Moseley 6.

The next night Calvert played for the State Championship against Nazareth, but Jaylonn Walker wasn’t nearly as hot as she had been against Highland, hitting only 3 of 12 three-point shots.  She also fouled out, and Nazareth won easily, 82-41.



Election volunteers Rosa Cruces, Celia Pietzsch, and Ernestine Edmiston wait for voters in the Community Center yesterday.

There were no real surprises in yesterday's party primaries as both Republicans and Democrats voted for their choices of candidates for the local and state elections in November.  In Precinct 6, the precinct for Roscoe and surrounding area, there was a total of 177 votes cast with 132 of those being Republican and 45 Democratic.

In the Republican primary,  voting in Precinct 6 for the top two in the listed races was as follows (all races not included, just the ones that generated the most interest):

U. S. Senator
          John Cornyn 80 - Steve Stockman 25

U. S. Representative, District 19
          Randy Neugebauer 86 - Donald May 28

          Greg Abbott 124 - Lisa Fritsch 4

Lieutenant Governor
          David Dewhurst 67 - Dan Patrick 30

Land Commissioner
          George P. Bush 96 - David Watts 32

District Clerk
          Connie Jamison 72 - Jamie Clem 39

All the Republican Party issues in the referendum passed overwhelmingly.

In the Democratic primary, the votes in Precinct 6 went like this (top two only, uncontested races not included):

U. S. Senator
          Kesha Rogers 15 - Maxey Marie Scherr 9

          Wendy Davis 31 - Reynaldo 'Ray' Madrigal 8

Agriculture Commissioner
          Jim Hogan 18 - Richard "Kinky" Friedman 16

All the Democratic Party issues in the referendum also passed overwhelmingly.



Plowboy Shelton Toliver attempts to clear the high jump bar at last year's Blackland Divide Relays.
This week it’s Roscoe’s turn to hold its annual track meet, the Blackland Divide Relays, which will take place on Friday afternoon at Plowboy Field.  Eight schools will participate in the high school meet: Baird, Hamlin, Hawley, Jim Ned, Roby, Roscoe, and Winters.  Post will also take part in the junior high meet.

Field events begin at 2:30pm. These include the long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault, discus throw, and shot put.  The 3200 meter run begins at 3:00 and the running finals at 5:30.  These include the following in order: 400 meter weight man relay, 400 meter relay, 800 meter dash, 110 meter hurdles, 100 meter hurdles, 100 meter dash, 800 meter relay, 400 meter dash, 300 meter hurdles, 200 meter dash, 1600 meter run, and 1600 meter relay. 



The Plowboys showed their strength in the long distance runs at Roby’s Cottonwood Relays on Friday, winning the top three spots in the 3200 meter run, the top two in the 1600 meter run, and the top spot in the 1600 meter relay.

In the 3200, Jesus Leanos was first with a time of 11:30, Javier Leanos was second at 12:13, and Luis Villa was third at 12:17.  In the 1600, Javier Leanos was first (5:14.3) and Jesus Leanos was second (5:14.4); and the Plowboys’ relay team was first in the 1600 meter relay at 3:44.3, Rotan second (3:44.9), and Knox City third (3:45.5).  Kevin Lavalais was third in the 400 meter run (55.6), and Shelton Toliver was third in the 200 meter dash (24.2).

For the Plowgirls, Danielle Dean was second in the 800 meter run (2:50), and Karina Cisneros was second in the 1600 meter run (6:36).  The Plowgirls’ 1600 meter relay team came in third (4:38) to Coahoma’s 4:33 and Knox City’s 4:35. 

This Friday, March 7, the Plowboys and Plowgirls will host the Blackland Divide Relays at Plowboy Field. 



Gene Watson
Country music legend Gene Watson and his Farewell Party Band will be at the Lumberyard Friday night.  Known in the music business as a “singer’s singer,” he has been recording since the sixties and is looked up to by such younger stars as Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Lee Ann Womack, and Randy Travis. 

His recorded hits include “Fourteen Carat Mind,” “Love in the Hot Afternoon,” “Farewell Party,” “Memories to Burn,” “Got No Reason Now for Going Home,” and others. 

The opening band is Wildfire with Watson taking the stage around 9:30pm.  Cover charge is $20.



Ice-covered trees by the Post Office on Sunday afternoon.
It’s been another one of those Jekyll and Hyde weeks as far as the weather is concerned with warm, sunny days followed by unusually cold ones with wind chills approaching zero, then returning to warm, springlike days again. 

Last Friday the high was 80°F, southwest winds were strong with gusts up to 40mph, and the sky close to the horizon was dusty and reddish.  On Saturday, the winds died down somewhat, and it was a beautiful day with an afternoon high of 83°.  However, that night a norther blew in and the high temperature for Sunday was the 36° recorded just after midnight.  By dawn skies were overcast, the temperature had dropped to 15° and the sharp winds made it feel even colder.  Temperatures remained below freezing all day with a freezing fog, and by Monday morning were down to 11° with a high of 32° that afternoon.

Then, the weather warmed up considerably yesterday, rising to 63° in the afternoon, but with the warm sunshine and only a very light breeze, it felt warmer than that.  I went for a walk in a short-sleeved t-shirt and felt completely comfortable.

The weather today will be somewhat cooler as winds will shift to the north this afternoon.  The high today will be in the upper fifties and the low tonight in the mid thirties.  Thursday will be a little warmer, and Friday’s high will be in the mid seventies with a low in the forties.  Saturday will have cooler temperatures and a 40% chance of rain diminishing to 30% Saturday night and 20% Sunday.  Keep your fingers crossed.



Services for Bobbie Lucille (Davenport) Strother, 82, will be held at 2:00pm on Friday, March 7, at the First Baptist Church in Roscoe.  Interment will follow at the Roscoe Cemetery.  She passed away on Tuesday, March 4, at Hendrick Medical Center.
Ms. Strother was born in Roscoe on June 8, 1931. She married D.C. Strother on July 20, 1947, in Breckenridge. Bobbie was a lifelong resident of Roscoe, a member of the First Baptist Church, and a graduate of Roscoe High School. She was also a past member of the Sweetwater Elks Lodge #1257 BPO Does and the Roscoe American Legion Post #227 Ladies Auxiliary. She was a bookkeeper, sales lady, and an employee of Don Lambert Wholesale Lumber, and Anthony’s Department Store. She and her husband, D.C., owned and operated D.C.’s Trailer Sales.

Survivors include her son, Phil Strother of Roscoe; grandchildren Chase Strother of Lubbock, Sharon Froman of Pawnee, Illinois, and Shane Sennett of Havana, Illinois; seven great-grandchildren, one great great-grandchild, and cousin Linda Strother of Abilene.

She was preceded in death by her husband, D.C., on November 17, 2007; her son, Ricky Lynn Strother, on June 3, 1973; a grandson, Jacob Strother, her sister, Lillie B. Miller, and her parents, Robert S. and Mary L. (Beck) Davenport.

Pallbearers will be Phil Strother, Chase Strother, Teddy Head, Steve Hagerman and Tommy LeCroy.

Visitation will be on Thursday, March 6, 6:00pm-8:00 p.m. at McCoy Funeral Home in Sweetwater.


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