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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Business to Open Downtown

The Lamberts plan to re-open Smackers as a coffee and donut shop.
Jim Covey, who owned and ran Smackers Café for years, has sold the Smackers building on the corner of Broadway and Main to Jess Lambert, who plans to re-open the place as a coffee and donut shop.  

Nothing is written in stone, but the plan is to open as soon as possible—probably within a month or month and a half—with Tim Lambert as the manager.  The times of operation are also still not set with the morning hours the only firm decision at this point.

Nevertheless, it will be great to be able once again to have coffee and breakfast downtown, and we all wish the Lamberts great success with their new venture.  



A volunteer workday has been planned for the Roscoe Community Center this coming Saturday, January 14, starting at 9:00am.  Your help will be appreciated. 

Coilla Smith and a group of students are kicking off the work today and tomorrow by taking down the ceiling tiles, which need to be replaced. 

For more information, contact City Hall during work hours at 325-766-3871.


Roscoe saw precipitation in almost every imaginable form this past week as rain, snow, sleet, and even some small hail fell at one point or another during the past few days.

Last weekend the weather was sunny and mild with lows in the thirties and highs ranging from 55° to 70°F.  However, on Sunday a front moved in, cooling things off and bringing clouds and a little over a quarter of an inch of rain. 

Then on early Monday, the storm hit full force with thunder, lightning, small hail, snow, sleet, and a generally slow-falling rain.  That evening it snowed enough to knock out the signal for those who get their television via satellite, necessitating climbs to the roofs to get the snow out of the satellite dishes.  Precipitation continued to fall off and on until yesterday morning, when the sun came back out and began melting the snow.   

Areas west of Roscoe got more snow than Roscoe did.  Odessa and Midland got about ten inches, and Snyder had three.  But Roscoe got more than Sweetwater and Abilene, where it didn’t snow at all. 

Roscoe got about two inches of snow and about 1.9 inches of precipitation overall, more than the monthly average for January.  Water was standing all over town yesterday with several intersections full of the wet stuff and puddles in all the low places.

The generally slow rainfall was welcome and can only be good for land still in need of moisture after all the extreme dry weather of last year.



Several Roscoe students will be competing for prizes next weekend at the annual Nolan County Livestock Show in the Nolan County Coliseum.  Calves, goats, and sheep will be shown on Thursday, January 19, and swine on Friday, January 20, starting at 4:00pm.  The Peewee Show will be on Saturday at 8:00am, followed by the sale. 

The Nolan County Livestock Association is selling raffle tickets for a drawing on Saturday, January 21.  Tickets are $20 apiece, and proceeds go to the stock show, so you can help out by purchasing one or two.  They are available from Bruce McGlothlin at the Feed Store and More, and Allen Richburg, among others. 

Prizes include an AR-15 rifle, a 51” wide-screen TV, a barbecue pit, an iPad, yard art, a tool set, a digital camera, a portable DVD player, and five $100 gift cards to local businesses.

For more information, contact the event organizers at 325- 235-5488.



The City of Roscoe’s Type A Board is in the process of buying the 3.2 acres of land just northwest of the railroad crossing at Cypress.  The Union Pacific Railway currently owns the land and has agreed to the terms of the sale.



The Plowgirls began district play Friday night by losing at home to the Munday Lady Moguls 52-46.  Lynnsi Moses was high scorer for the Plowgirls with 24 points while Sara Kingston made 10. 

They lost again at Haskell last night by a score of 37-25.

The Plowboys also lost at Haskell.  The final score was 62-29.

The Plowgirls’ and Plowboys’ next games will be against Rotan in Plowboy Gymnasium on Friday night.

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  1. Well I won't step foot into that coffee donut shop in Roscoe. I heard that fella made Doris (at Doris's bakery) think he was gonna buy it, spent a couple of weeks there to learn how to make the donuts and such, was supposed to sign the deal after the first of year and THEN BACKED OUT AND IS NOW OPENING UP HIS OWN IN ROSCOE. What a bunch of sorry jerks!!!!! They basically used Doris to learn how she made her donuts so they could open their own.

    sorry pieces of work and I'll never support them!!!!


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