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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roscoe Firehouse Gets a Makeover

Roscoe Fire Engine No. 2 stands on display before the newly painted American flag.
The Roscoe Fire Station on 909 Broadway, home of the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department, is looking spiffy after getting some recent refurbishing.  

A new show window shows off the shiny, classic Roscoe Fire Truck No. 2, a 1938 Ford purchased new by the city in April 1938, and new awnings grace the outside of the building.

Additionally, Fort Worth artist Dave Larcom has painted a big American flag on the inside west wall, visible from the outside.  



Kevin Pantoja, a freshman at Highland High and son of Felix and Aida Pantoja, has been selected as a student ambassador of People to People, a program started by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 to promote cultural awareness through travel and direct interaction.  Students chosen must have good grades and meet other requirements.
He will travel with other area students in a group led by Cheryl Warren, who teaches math at Colorado City High. They will visit Italy, Greece, and France during a twenty-day stay.

Kevin says he is looking forward to visiting countries where our soldiers sacrificed so much in times of war as well as learning about other cultures and meeting other people.  He is eager to be a representative of Texas and Nolan County.
He could use your generosity in helping to pay for the trip.  Each Saturday of this month there will be a garage sale just inside the México Lindo Restaurant on the corner of Cypress and Broadway, and you may also see him selling candy or doing other things to raise money.

Donations are also greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, contact Felix at 325-514-8384 or Aida at 325-766-3011.  More about the People to People program is available on its website, which you can access by clicking here.  



The Plowgirls remain in contention for the playoffs after coming away with a split this past week, losing to Hamlin on Friday night and winning another close one over Stamford last night.

The Lady Pied Pipers, who have lost only once all year, were too much for the Plowgirls, beating them by a score of 60-19.  The victory made Hamlin 8-1 in district and 25-1 overall. 
Lynnsi Moses led the Plowgirls with 12 points while Faith Boren had 4.  The halftime score was 27-8.

Then, last night at Stamford, the Plowgirls eked out another win over the Lady Bulldogs 33-31.  Moses scored 13 for Roscoe and Boren had 10.  The halftime score was Roscoe 17-Stamford 10.

The Plowgirls are now 5-4 in district and  15-13 for the year.  Their next game, the last on the regular schedule, will be in Plowboy Gymnasium on Friday night against the Lady Moguls of Munday. 



The Plowboys had another rough week in basketball, losing to Hamlin last Friday night in Roscoe and to Stamford last night in Stamford.

The Hamlin score was 45-18.  High scorer for the Plowboys was Jesus Leanos with 12, while Keeston Ford had 4.  The halftime score was 16-8.

Last night’s score was 67-22.  Leanos once again led the Plowboys with 10 points, while Luke Rovig had 5 and Ford 4.

The Plowboys are now 1-7 in district play and 1-22 on the year.  The next game, their last, will be in Plowboy Gymnasium on Friday against Munday.



Stina Tomlin’s goat came in eleventh, and Torrey Willman’s Hampshire hog came in thirteenth at the Southwest Exposition and Fat Stock Show in Fort Worth this past weekend. 

Several Roscoe students will be showing their animals at the San Angelo Stock Show starting this weekend.



Punxatawney Phil, the Pennsylvania groundhog, saw his shadow on Thursday, meaning he’s predicting six more weeks of winter, while Bee Cave Bob, the Austin armadillo who makes the Texas prediction, came out of his hole and ran around, which portends an early spring.  The television clip I saw claims that he’s been correct for all three years he’s been in the prediction business. 

He also turned out to be correct on his sports pick, which was for a Giants victory in the Super Bowl.  And, he’s made a political pick in the Presidential race, walking to his left when given that question.  We’ll just have to wait and see how that one comes out.    

The 40% and 50% chances of rain predicted for last Thursday and Friday were totally off as skies never even clouded up but remained clear with stars visible at night and sunny skies by day.  Instead, Thursday and Friday were springlike with sunny skies and temperatures climbing into the seventies.

On Friday evening, however, a cold front passed through and since then the weather’s been cool, with highs around fifty and lows around the freezing mark.

The forecast is for continued cool weather through the weekend.


From the October 16, 1906, edition of The Roscoe Times:

New York burglars are traveling around to business in automobiles.  If you wish to avoid being mistaken for a burglar or a capitalist, don’t travel in an automobile.

And, from the December 6, 1918, edition:

Two airplanes passed over Roscoe Thursday morning westbound.  They each came unannounced, and no one could have dreamed an airplane was within a hundred miles of Roscoe until the buzzing of the motor was heard.

While passing over the city, each aviator emitted a few yells that could be distinctly heard.

It is understood that the aviators were making the trip preparatory to establishing a route from Dallas to San Diego, Calif.  In the event the route is established, Roscoe will be on the line, and airplanes will become as familiar to us as Fords and automobiles.

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