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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

City Ready to Celebrate "Spring Fling" on Saturday

Brandon Jenkins will highlight the free concert and street dance.
Preparations are now in their final stages for Roscoe’s Spring Fling festival, and once again a large crowd is expected.  In addition to the usual street vendors, kids’ bounce houses, free concert, fireworks show, and other attractions downtown on Broadway and Cypress Streets, other events will be taking place all day long in various venues.

Little League Baseball’s Opening Ceremonies and Games  - 10:am-2:00pm or so

The teams at last year's Opening Ceremonies.
The Roscoe Little League’s Opening Ceremonies will begin at 10:00am Saturday morning at George Parks Field.  After the opening ceremonies and team introductions, Roscoe teams will play one another in head-to-head games that will count as the first official games of the season. 

The T-Ball game will pit the Rangers against the Reds, the Midget League game will be the Brewers vs. the Rangers, and in the Freshman game the Padres will face the Rangers. 

The concession stand will be open with briskets, drinks, and snacks.


The Second Annual Screw Terlingua Chili Cookoff – 12:00-3:45pm

The Screw Terlingua Chili Cookoff began last year as a fundraiser for Roscoe’s Open Door Day Care Center and  was a big success, raising over $600.  This year the sponsors hope to do at least as well, if not better.   

The Chili Cookoff will take place in the yard of the Lumberyard with contestants setting up there starting at 8:00am and beginning cooking at 9:00am.  By 12:00-1:00pm visitors will be able to visit the team sites and sample their chili by buying $1 tasting tickets, with all proceeds going to Open Door Day Care.  

This year there will also be a Salsa contest as well two mixed-drink contests: Bloody Mary and Margarita.  These may be sampled without tickets, although contributions are encouraged.

Judging will take place at 2:00pm with the announcement of winners and presentation of awards at 3:45pm.  Plaques will be awarded for first, second, and third places as well as a showmanship award in the Chili Cookoff.  Salsa, Bloody Mary, and Margarita plaques will go to the winner of each of those events.

Application forms for contestants of the 2nd Annual Screw Terlingua Chili Cookoff are available at the Lumberyard and City Hall.  Entry fees for the Chili Cookoff are $25, and $10 each for the Salsa, Bloody Mary, and Margarita contests. 

For more information, contact City Hall at 325-766-3871 or the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.


Alumni Football Games at Plowboy Field – 3:00-7:00pm

Plowboy Exes in Cowboy Stadium last year.
The Plowboy Exes football team will play the Stamford Bulldog Alumni at Plowboy Field in a game starting at 5:00pm.

That game will be preceded by another one starting at about 3:00pm, the Hermleigh Cardinals Alumni vs. the Haskell Indians Alumni.

The concession stand will be open during the games.

Last year, the Plowboy Alumni played the Commerce Alumni in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington and won a thriller in overtime 13-12.


Free Concert and Street Dance – 5:30-9:40pm

The free concert and street dance “on the bricks” will take place downtown on Cypress Street between the City Hall and Old Town Park.  Live music begins at about 5:30 when The Remains take the stage.  They will play for a couple of hours until shortly before the headline act of the evening, Brandon Jenkins and band, takes over.

Noted country artist Brandon Jenkins, whose songs “My Feet Don’t Touch the Ground,” “Why Did We Ever Say Goodbye,” “Down in Flames,” “Finger on the Trigger,” and many others are familiar to lovers of the Red Dirt sound.  He honed his skills in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with other Red Dirt singers like Stoney LaRue, Cody Canada, and Jason Boland.  He serves as the other bookend for the Stoney LaRue performance at the Lumberyard last Friday night, which drew a crowd of around 1500 people.


Fireworks Show – 9:40-10:00pm

After some doubts as to whether the fireworks would be available in time, the suppliers have come through, and the fireworks show, organized and run by Robert McBride, will once again be the Grand Finale of the Day.  


After “Spring Fling” – 10:00pm-1:00am

After the fireworks show, those who wish to continue the celebration may do so at the Lumberyard, where country singer Wayne "the Train" Hancock will perform on the outdoor stage.  Cover charge is $8.

For more information, call the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



William "Bill" Blackley
The mission of the William “Bill” Blackley Scholarship Fund is to aid young men and women from Roscoe Collegiate High School in the fulfillment of pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities at accredited colleges, universities, and technical institutions. Led by the alumni of the Class of 1988, scholarships will be awarded to deserving students to help fill unmet financial needs.

We will be kicking off our fundraising efforts this weekend, Saturday April 20, 2013 at the Alumni Football game being played at Plowboy field at 5:00 pm and we will have a booth set up at the “Spring Fling Event” on the bricks Saturday evening.  We are asking for monetary donations of any size.

If you are unable to attend either event, an account has been set up at the Roscoe State Bank or you may go like us on Facebook and use the pay-pal option to make a donation.  The first scholarship will be awarded this year at the Roscoe Collegiate High School Graduation May 24, 2013.

Alumni of the Class of 1988 appreciate the support of the Roscoe Community.

Marchelle Moore
Class of 1988



A large number of Roscoe and Highland athletes won their events at the District 13-1A II track and field meet held at Plowboy Stadium last week, while many others also qualified for the area meet today at Blackwell.  

Listed below are all the area qualifiers along with their results at the meet. 


Team Results — 1. Ira 232; 2. Roscoe 160; 3. Highland 90; 4. Westbrook 58; 5. Hermleigh 45; 6. Loraine 24.

High Jump – 3. Jacob Richburg, Highland, 5’6”.
Pole Vault  – 1. Michael Hyde, Highland, 12’0”; 3. Dillon Freeman, Roscoe , 9’6”.
Long Jump – 4. Shelton Toliver, Roscoe 18’2".
Discus – 1. Landon Jones, Roscoe, 125’11”.
Shot Put – 2. Toby Falcon, Highland 39'3"; 4. Shelby Howard, Highland, 35’6”.
3200 – 1. Jesus Leanos, Roscoe, 10:47; 2. Javier Leanos, Roscoe, 11:42; 3. Luis Villa, Roscoe, 11:45; Eli Shelton, Highland, 12:01.
1600 – 1. Jesus Leanos, Roscoe 5:13.7; 2. Javier Leanos, Roscoe, 5:14.1.
800 – 1. Sheldon Hall, Highland, 2:03.72. 3. Rafael Aguayo, Roscoe, 2:19.71.
400 – 1. Sheldon Hall, Highland, 52.18. 3. Kevin Lavalais, Roscoe, 56.19.
100 – 2. Luke Rovig, Roscoe, 11.55. 3. Kevin Lavalais, Roscoe, 11.68.
300 Hurdles – 1. Dillon Freeman, Roscoe, 44.37; 4. Jacob Richburg, Highland, 47.67.
110 Hurdles – 2. Dillon Freeman, Roscoe, 17.15.
1600 Relay – 1. Roscoe, 3:40.51; 4. Highland, 4:02.47.
800 Relay – 3. Highland, 1:38.46; 4. Roscoe, 1:39.27.
400 Relay – 2. Roscoe, 45.43; 4. Highland, 47.91.


Team Results — 1. Ira 161; 2. Highland 148; 3. Roscoe 137; 4. Westbrook 110.

High Jump – 2. Sydny Helbert, Highland, 4’6”; 4. Olivia Rovig, Roscoe, 4’4”.
Pole Vault – Eva Aguayo, Roscoe, 6’6”.
Discus – 1. Beth Richburg, Highland, 93’7”; 2. Carolina Perez, Roscoe, 90’4”.
Shot Put – 4. Carolina Perez, Roscoe, 28’2”.
3200 – 1. Alejandra Solis, Roscoe, 14.05; 2. Alura Renteria, Roscoe, 14:39; 4. Amber Craig, Roscoe, 14:57.
1600 – 1. Madison Moseley, Highland, 6:28; 2. Alejandra Solis, Roscoe, 6:35; 3. Samantha Ortega, Roscoe, 6:39; 4. Amber Craig, Roscoe, 6:40.
800 – 1. Kelsi Johns, Highland, 2:42.69; 2. Alura Renteria, Roscoe, 2:50.2; Bailey Garrett, Highland, 2:50.65; 4. Danielle Dean, Roscoe, 2:50.96.
400 – 1. Lora Stewart, Highland, 1:07.13; 4. Kailee Hall, Highland, 1:11.34.
200 – 1. Sabrina Romero, Highland, 28.76.
300 Hurdles – 2. Beth Richburg, Highland, 16.48; 4. Hannah Allen, Highland, 53.21.
100 Hurdles – 1. Beth Richburg, Highland, 16.48; 2. Torrey Willman, Roscoe, 17.32; 3. Olivia Saddler, Roscoe 17.42; 4. Hannah Allen, Highland, 17.74.
1600 Relay – 1. Highland, 4:28.91; 3. Roscoe, 4:34.49.
800 Relay – 2. Highland, 1:56.28; 4. Roscoe, 1:59.27.
400 Relay – 1. Roscoe, 53.98; 4. Highland, 56.86.



A long line waits to get into the yard to hear Stoney LaRue.
It was hard to find a parking space anywhere close to the Lumberyard Friday night as people from all over the Big Country were in town to dance and listen to Red Dirt artist Stoney LaRue and his band, the Arsenals.

Crowd estimates were in the vicinity of 1500, and with that many bodies in close proximity in the yard, it seemed that the temperature was ten degrees warmer there than out on the street.  However, the weather was just about perfect for an outdoor concert, and everyone seemed to enjoy the performance.

Video clips of the show are available for viewing in two parts by clicking here for Part 1 (6:26) with "Solid Gone," "Goin' Down in Flames," "Way Too Long," "Has Been," and "My Feet Don't Touch the Ground." Click here for Part 2 (7:21) with "Travelin' Kind," "Easy She Comes and Easy She Goes," "Empty Glass," and "Oklahoma Breakdown."



Clear and sunny all last week, the weather was typical for this time of year.  The weekend was beautiful with Friday and Saturday highs of 81°F and 79° respectively.  Sunday and Monday were warmer with highs of 90° and 93°, and yesterday was only slightly cooler with a high of 87°.

Today’s forecast is for more of the same with a high of 89°.  That will change, though, as a front moves through tonight, bringing a 30% chance of precipitation.  Tomorrow’s high will be in only the lower sixties and tomorrow night’s low should drop into the mid-thirties.  A steady warming trend will follow, and by Sunday we’ll be back in the eighties again.  



Roy Gene Schroedter, 63, passed away at his home on Saturday, April 13.  A memorial service will be announced at a later date.

Born in Sweetwater on December 13, 1949, he went to school in Roscoe and lived in Fisher and Nolan counties all his life. He was a farmer and had worked for USG.

Survivors include brothers, Bobby Schroedter and wife Linda of Roby, and Parry Schroedter and wife Trudy of Richmond; sisters, Fay Gardner and husband David of Crowley, and Kay Carter of Hempstead; brother-in-law, Luke Dalton of Sweetwater; 15 nieces and nephews; and 20 great-nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Herman and Olivia Schroedter, his brother Delton Schroedter, and his sisters, Myrtle Sullenger, Rosa McDonald, and Carlyn Dalton. 



A memorial service was held yesterday at First United Methodist Church for Harold Duvall, 83, who passed away on Saturday, April 6, at Hoyt House in Sweetwater. 

Harold was born on June 10, 1929, in Roscoe.  After working in the farm and ranching business in many states, Harold and his wife, Doris returned to Nolan County, where he owned and operated Duvall’s Stripper Repair Service until the time of his death.

He was preceded in death by his wife Doris and grandson Jordan Duvall.  Survivors include three sons: Andrew Duvall and wife Susan of Tyler; Scott Duvall of Oregon; Jeff Duvall of Los Angeles, CA; ten grandchildren; and two sisters: Gladys Bruce of Rockwall and Judy Rucker of Prosper.



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