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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City Council Approves Cinco de Mayo Event, Re-Opens Bids for Swimming Pool Operators

Cody Thompson gives City Manager's report to the Council.
At its monthly meeting last night, the City Council unanimously approved Jesse Gonzalez’s request to hold a Cinco de Mayo celebration in downtown Roscoe on Saturday, May 3.  This year’s event will include a parade, street vendors, and a free concert and street dance on Cypress Street in front of City Hall.  A parade down Broadway starting at 10:30am will kick off the celebration, and music for the evening will feature German Aguayo and Audio M.  The event will conclude at 10:00pm. 

The Council also moved to receive letters of intent to operate the City Swimming Pool this summer.  So far, the field is open to qualified people who are interested.  The Council will decide on its choice of operators at the next City Council meeting on May 12.  For more information, contact City Hall during business hours at 325-766-3871.

City Manager Cody Thompson reported to the Council that work has begun on the east wall of Memorial Park, which will improve the stability, longevity, and looks of the wall.  The surface will be stucco on a metal lathe.

The dry and warmer weather has allowed the Water Treatment Plant and line improvements to catch up to schedule.  The Water Treatment Plant is now hooked up, but won’t become operational until mid May to early June.  Water line improvements will begin in three to four weeks, and bids for work on sanitary sewer lines will go out in the next three to four months.  RISD is planning water and sewer improvements for the new STEM building west of town.

Construction on the sewer line at Young Farm Estates continues, and within the next thirty days, work will begin on the Stone Tower RV Park in north Roscoe.  The RV park near the City barn and the baseball field in east Roscoe will soon have six self-contained rental units like those across the street from the Community Center at the Plowboy Center Lodge.

The Council declined a contractor’s offer to build the three new homes financed and approved by the Texas Department of Community Affairs.  The low bid was $83,000 each, which is $3000 too high, so the Council moved for a re-bid.



In addition to the vote to place two new members on the City Council and to approve the City’s local sales and use tax, the election on Saturday, May 10, will also include voting on a proposal to expand and renovate Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.

Known as the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Phase 4 Renovation Bond, the vote will be for approval to issue up to $25,212,000 of bonds.  

The proposed improvements include renovations to 18,995 square feet and new space of 21,286 square feet.  These include new labor and delivery rooms, renovations to the OR and ICU, a new obstetrics department, MRI space to allow in-house access and “open” MRI capability, front entry upgrades to make them ADA accessible, an outpatient dialysis unit center, a new emergency generator, and the installation of a hospital-wide nurse/patient call system.

A public meeting on the proposed bond election will be held at the Roscoe Community Center on Wednesday, April 23, at 5:30pm.  Early voting is April 28 through May 6, 8:00am to 5:00pm, at the RPMH Administration Office.  For more information, consult the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital website at or call RPMH at 325-235-1701.



Plowboys and Plowgirls got their last warm-up for the District Meet last Thursday at the Lone Wolf Relays in Colorado City.  The 13-A District Meet is at Highland tomorrow afternoon.

At Colorado City, the Plowboys competed against athletes from Borden County, Cisco, Coahoma, Colorado City, Forsan, Snyder, Stanton, Sweetwater, and TLCA of San Angelo.  The Plowboys finished fourth with 81 points.  Those scoring points are listed below.


Event                             Place               Athlete                   Time/Distance
1600 meter run               2             Jesus Leanos                            5:13.44
                                                6             Javier Leanos                         5:24.41
3200 meter run               1            Jesus Leanos                           11:07.92
                                               4            Javier Leanos                          11:50.89
                                                6            Luis Villa                                  12:40.62
110 meter hurdles          3           Dillon Freeman                              18.48
400 meter dash               3           Kevin Lavalais                               53.68
300 meter hurdles          3           Max Nemir                                     43.82
                                                6            Dillon Freeman                           45.32
4 x 100 meter relay        3           Roscoe                                            46.23
     Dillon Freeman, Kevin Lavalais, Max Nemir, Shelton Toliver
4 x 400 meter relay       3           Roscoe                                         3:38.42
     Max Nemir, Kevin Lavalais, Braiden Moore, Shelton Toliver
4 x 200 meter relay        5          Roscoe                                           1:41.36
     Rafael Aguayo, Jesus Leanos, Javier Leanos, Rafael Aguayo
Long Jump                          1           Shelton Toliver                              20’1”


The Plowgirls competed with athletes from Borden County, Cisco, Coahoma, Colorado City, Forsan, Snyder, Stanton, Sweetwater, and TLCA.  They finished fifth with 78 points.

Event                           Place              Athlete                        Time/Distance
1600 meter run          2                Alejandra Solis                           6:15.52
                                           5                Karina Cisneros                       6:35.63
3200 meter run          2                Alejandra Solis                         14:10.13
                                           4               Karina Cisneros                      14:45.30
100 meter hurdles      3               Sunshine Saddler                          18.92
800 meter run              6               Danielle Dean                             2:53.63
4 x 100 meter relay    3               Roscoe                                            52.13

      W. Williams, L. Wilkinson, S. Saddler, E. Aguayo
4 x 400 meter relay    1               Roscoe                                         4:27.56
      W. Williams, L. Wilkinson, S. Saddler, E. Aguayo
4 x 200 meter relay    4               Roscoe                                         1:57.21

      W. Williams, Samantha Ortega, Mireya Sanchez, E. Aguayo
Long Jump                      6              Lyndi Wilkinson                    13’10¼”
Triple Jump                   5              Lyndi Wilkinson                      31’ 3¾”
Pole Vault                       3               Eva Aguayo                                   7’ 6”



Roscoe Collegiate’s boys and girls were in fine form at the District 13-A Junior High Track Meet held at Plowboy Field on Monday.  Competing with the Junior High kids from Highland, Loraine, Hermleigh, Ira, and Westbrook, here are the ones who finished in the top three of each event.


Event                              Place                 Athlete                Time/Distance
100 meter dash                3                 Clamente Aguayo                  13.18
200 meter dash                2                 Jose Ortega                           26.27 
                                                 3                Gary Shaw                            26.58
400 meter dash                2                 Francisco Garcia                   59.52
                                                 3                 Isaiah Olivera                   1:03.96
800 meter run                  2                 Alfonso Islas                       2:25.79
                                                 3                Clamente Aguayo             2:20.47
1600 meter run                2                 Tagen Adkins                      6:04.52
                                                 3                Jayden Gonzales               6:12.49
2400 meter run                1                 Alfonso Islas                         8:56.65
                                                 2               Tagen Adkins                     9:06.88
110 meter hurdles            2                 Parker Payne                          19.75
300 meter hurdles           2                 Parker Payne                          52.96
4 x 100 meter relay         1                 Roscoe ‘A’                                49.93
     Jose Ortega, Gary Shaw, Francisco Garcia, David Gratton
4 x 200 meter relay         1                 Roscoe ‘A’                            1:50.39
     Braxton Parrott, Isaiah Olivera, Gary Shaw, David Gratton
4 x 400 meter relay         1                 Roscoe ‘A’                            4:04.18
Pole Vault                            1                 Jose Ortega                               9’ 0”
                                                  2               Jayden Gonzales                      7’ 6”
Long Jump                           2                 Francisco Garcia            16’ 10½“
Triple Jump                        2                 Jose Ortega                             33’ 9”
Shot Put                                1                 Paul Pantoja                       35’ 7½“
                                                 2                  J. R. Guia                        34’ 2½” 
Discus Throw                     3                  Paul Pantoja                           88’ 5”


Event                               Place                 Athlete                 Time/Distance
400 meter dash                 1                 Bonnie Wilkinson              1:07.62
                                                  2                Megan Kirkland                 1:12.19
1600 meter run                 1                 Ashley Maestas                6:42.67
2400 meter run                 1                 Ashley Maestas              10:11.36
300 meter hurdles            2                 Lynzie Atkinson                   54.96
4 x 100 meter relay          2                 Roscoe ‘A’                              56.83
      M.Mims, L. Atkinson, M. Horton, B. Wilkinson
4 x 200 meter relay          3                 Roscoe ‘A’                          2:08.40
      J.Pena, L. Atkinson, M. Horton, B. Wilkinson
4 x 400 meter relay          1                 Roscoe ‘A’                           4:45.58
      J. Pena, L. Atkinson, M. Horton, B. Wilkinson
High Jump                           3                 Lynzie Atkinson                   3’10”
Long Jump                           1                 Bonnie Wilkinson            14’ 4½”
Triple Jump                         1                 Bonnie Wilkinson         28’ 10½”

Discus Throw                      3                 Haley Bridges                       58’ 7”



The fog was thick on Sunday morning.
Roscoe’s weather was a mixed bag this week with a little hot weather, a little cool, a little windy, a little fog, and even a little rain.

The rain, which was light and slow, amounted to .26” according to Roscoe weatherman, Kenny Landfried.   That amount, which fell on Sunday and Monday, seemed to be general throughout the Roscoe area.  High for the week was 85°F on Thursday afternoon, and the low was 43° on Monday morning.

The outlook for the rest of the week is for warmer weather with temperatures of 90° or above forecast for tomorrow and Saturday.  Highs otherwise should be in the eighties with lows in the high fifties and low sixties until Sunday evening, when another cool front will bring lows into the mid forties and highs into the sixties.

There is a 20% chance of rain on Sunday.


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