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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RCHS Homecoming Set for October 11 Weekend

RHS exes filled the stands at last year's pre-game pep rally.
Homecoming Committee member Katie Heaps has announced that this year’s RCHS Homecoming will be the weekend of October 11, i.e., October 9-12.

Exes who were unaware that there would be a Homecoming this year should know that back in January, a group of high school students formally proposed to the RISD School Board that Homecoming be held every year instead of every three years as has been the practice.  The School Board approved the proposal, so this year will be the first of the annual Homecomings.

In hopes of cutting down on the time and expense of mailing out paper invitations, the Homecoming Committee is asking RHS exes to send their e-mail addresses to let it know they have received the news as well as to update the Homecoming Committee’s database of exes.

For more information, consult the Roscoe Homecoming Facebook page.



Wade Bowen
When Texas Country music star Wade Bowen and Band make their appearance at the Lumberyard Friday night, they will join several other “Red Dirt” groups that have already played in Roscoe.  These include Cody Canada, Josh Abbott, Stoney LaRue, Brandon Rhyder, Brandon Jenkins, and Bart Crow--with Jason Boland coming on July 5.

Bowen, originally from Waco and a Texas Tech grad, has grown in popularity over the years and now has a large following.  His albums include Try Not to Listen (2002), The Blue Light Live (2004), Lost Hotel (2006), If We Ever Make It Home (2008), Live at Billy Bob’s Texas (2010), and The Given (2012).  Top singles include “Saturday Night,” “To Live is to Fly,” “Trouble,” “God Bless This Town,” and “Songs About Trucks.”

Wade Bowen and Band will take the stage at 9:30pm.  Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

Then on Saturday evening, the Lumberyard will host the KXOX Texas Country Showdown, an event which showcases local talent and provides the winner an opportunity to compete at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth against other regional winners, and, should they win there, a trip to Nashville and a chance to win $100,000, along with other benefits.

The show begins at 7:00pm and is free of charge.

For reservations and more information, call the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457. 



by Robert McBride

Editor's note: The following photo and story were posted yesterday on Facebook by Robert McBride.  With his permission, both are presented here.

This is "Marvin" and here is the part of his tale that I know. He was found wandering on Highway 70 in Blackwell by Tommy White who led him to the Blackwell riding club's arena where he secured him. Some time later the owner of the animal demanded he return him. Tommy refused to but told them they could take him if they wanted to. This led to the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office being called and when they saw the condition of "Marvin" they confiscated him. He was taken to a local veterinarian and examined, after which he was prescribed a diet and boarded by the veterinarian for a time. Terry Willman reached out to the Roscoe ISD to keep "Marvin" at the Ag Farm so Terry could feed him until he was healthy enough to go to auction. My wife and I took over feeding "Marvin" for a day when Terry had to go out of town. The picture of "Marvin" posted here is after almost a month of feeding him. I can only imagine what he looked like when Tommy White first put a rope on him. "Marvin" brought $20 at auction and has a new home.

I wish I could take over the feeding of his former owners for a while.



The action was intense at last year's mudbog.
This year’s Plowboy Mudbog is shaping up to be another great event as part of Roscoe’s Independence Day Celebration on Saturday, July 5.  The organizers report that there will once again be a large number of entries with some from local communities and others from as far away as Hobbs, New Mexico.

The event will take place as usual at George Parks Field at Second and Sycamore Streets.  Registration for participants is at 9:30am, the public gate will open at 11:00am, and competition begins at noon.

Admission is free for kids 7 and under, $2 for ages 9-14, and $5 for 15 and up.  The driver entry fee is $30.  All proceeds go to benefit the Roscoe Little League.  The Little League will also run the concession stand this year.

For more information, contact Roscoe Police Chief Felix Pantoja at 325-514-8384, or visit the Plowboy Mudbog Facebook Page. 



Street vendors on Cypress Street.
There are still a few spaces available for vendors on Broadway and Cypress Streets downtown for the Independence Day celebration on Saturday, July 5.  Prices for non-profits are $25 per space and $40 for others.

To reserve a spot, phone City Hall during business hours at 325-766-3871.  Deadline is Thursday, July 3.



Skies were cloudy over Roscoe for much of the week.
This was an unusually moderate week for June in Roscoe as there have been no days since last Wednesday in which the temperature got as high as 90°F, and the high for three of the seven days never got as high as 80°.  Highs for the week were the 89° days recorded on Thursday and Sunday.  The three days with highs of 79° were Friday, Saturday, and yesterday.

The week was marked by cloudy skies and also a little more rain.  On Monday morning an unexpected storm blew in about 5:30am, and an intermittent light rain fell for the next couple of hours.  Roscoe’s official total was .53” recorded by Kenny Landfried in east Roscoe.  Lyndall Underwood on the west side got .41”, and most others in the area got anywhere from a quarter to a half inch.  Then yesterday we were on the southwest end of a cloud that didn’t produce as much rain here as it did in Fisher County and Sweetwater.  Here in Roscoe, about a tenth of an inch fell while Avenger Field got 1.18”.  Areas west of town, however, didn’t get any rain at all.

The outlook for the rest of the week is for weather more typical for this time of year.  Today’s high should be only 87° with a low of 68° and a 20% chance of rain.  But Thursday should be sunny and warm with a high in the low nineties, and on Friday and the days following, temperatures will rise into the mid nineties with lows in the low seventies and little chance of rain.



  1. I have no use for people that could starve an animal like "Marvin".

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