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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Francisco Garcia Selected to Represent Texas as 4-H STEM Youth Ambassador

Francisco Garcia and RCISD 4-H director Roxanna Reyna
Following a competitive application process, RCHS sophomore Francisco Garcia has been selected to represent the state of Texas as its 4-H Youth Ambassador. Each of thirteen participating states has chosen a Youth Ambassador who serves a two-year term to solve local challenges, speak publicly, and advise National 4-H Council and National 4-H Headquarters in Washington, DC, on national priorities. Each receives a $1000 scholarship at the end of the term.

Students selected have leadership experience in the state and/or national 4-H programs, an interest in sharing knowledge, excellent social media and communication skills, the ability to work with local and state professionals to share resources and opportunities, and a willingness to promote the 4-H Science Mission Mandate and STEM Futures program.

Francisco will travel to the 4-H National Headquarters in Washington, DC, in April for the national meeting. His Roscoe 4-H mentor is Roxanna Reyna, local Program Specialist of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Congratulations, Francisco! We know you’ll do a good job as the Youth Ambassador from Texas!



City Manager reports to City Council at last night's meeting.
At its monthly meeting in City Hall yesterday evening, the City Council approved Tuesday, May 7, as the date for the City Council election whose purpose is electing one Councilmember and one Councilmember to fill an unexpired term expiring May 5. 2018. Deadline for filing to run for either of these positions is next Friday, February 19.

City Hall will be open for voting from 7am-7pm on May 2 and 3 during the regular early voting period. Early voting judges will be Belinda Ince and Donna Porter, and election judges on May 7 will be Jeannie McBurnett and Ann Teaff.

In his report to the Council, City Manager Cody Thompson said the City plans to put a new roof on the Community Center and is leaning toward using foam instead of steel as it will be cheaper and will insulate the Center better.

He also reported that work has begun on Young Farm Estates with the building of the forms for pouring the concrete slab at 112 Tom Dobbins Drive. Construction of another home at 113 James Wells Drive will begin next week.

Work at the old sanitary sewer plant will begin on March 13, when daylight savings times changes, and Roscoe’s annual Spring Clean-Up will be either March 21-26 or March 28-April 2.

Roscoe’s Spring Super Sunday will be on April 17 and will feature country music legend Robert Earl Keen.



The Plowboys once again split district games for the week, losing to Hawley 71-38 in Roscoe Friday night and defeating Hamlin in Hamlin 53-42 last night.

Here are the games’ scores by quarters, followed by the Plowboys’ individual scoring:

Hawley 71 – Plowboys 38

Hawley             25        40        57        71
Roscoe              11        24        30        38

Javier Leaños 13, Jose Ortega 12, Isaiah Gonzales 6, Rafael Aguayo, Brayden Beal 3.

Plowboys 53 – Hamlin 42

Plowboys          9          20        37        53
Hamlin              7          17        34        42

Leaños 24, Aguayo 14, Ortega 7, Gonzales 6, Beal 2.

This Friday the Plowboys will play in Haskell, followed by their last regular season game against Stamford here next Tuesday.              



The Plowgirls lost to Hawley here Friday night 53-25.  (At time of posting this week's edition, I had not yet received the stats and outcome for the Plowgirls' game at Hamlin last night.)

Here is the scoring by quarters followed by individual Plowgirl scoring:

Hawley 53 – Plowgirls 25

Hawley             15        24        43        53
Plowgirls            7        14         19        25

Veronica Cuellar 7, Bonnie Wilkinson 5, Bergan Trevino 4, Jovana Peña 4, Lynzie Atkinson 2, Alejandra Solis 1.

The Plowgirls' final two games are with Haskell there on Friday and Stamford here next Tuesday.



The flu bug is here. Over 30 students called in sick at the Roscoe school yesterday, and Ira had to cancel school because so many kids were out.



It looks like another big weekend for the Lumberyard with nice weather, the bands playing outside, and two noted Texas Country bands in town. Friday night will feature Two Tons of Steel and Saturday the Bart Crow Band.

Bart Crow
The Bart Crow Band has long been regarded as a premier honky-tonk act. Crow grew up in Maypearl, a small farming community southwest of Dallas, and began his singing and songwriting career while a student at Tarleton State. Now based in Austin, his CD Dandelion featured Pat Green as drummer and co-producer, and his single “Saying Goodbye” hit #1 on the Texas Music Chart. Other singles include “Wear My Ring (Angel with the Bottle),” and “Forever.”

Two Tons of Steel
Friday night’s band, Two Tons of Steel, got their start in San Antonio in the mid-nineties and are still one of that city's favorite bands, winning “Band of the Year” twelve times and the San Antonio Current’s “Best Country Band” ten times. They have released eight albums and appeared on the cover of Billboard Magazine. Top singles include “Sedated,” “Hold Over Me,” “Your Kiss,” and “Crazy Heart.”

For reservations and more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.



"Nothing but blue skies do I see." The sky over the water tower this morning.
It’s been another chilly week in Roscoe. There was nothing drastic about the weather—no snow, sleet, extremely high winds, or temperatures in the teens. In fact, skies were clear and days were sunny with hardly any clouds at all. Even so, with the breezes it was cold enough to be uncomfortable and make everyone wish it would warm up a little. The only days with highs above sixty were Sunday with a high of 65°F and yesterday with a high of 68°. And lows were below freezing every morning except on Sunday.

However, the rest of this week and the beginning of next should be warmer. Today’s forecast is for a high of 77°, tomorrow 69°, and the rest of this week and the beginning of next in the low to mid-seventies. And, currently, the long-range forecast for the end of next week should see highs going into the eighties.

Unfortunately, there has not even been a hint of precipitation for over a month now and none is in the forecast.



  1. Don't look now ,but going west on Interstate 20 South @ Exit 235 , the 235 Travel Plaza is being "reborn" , inside and out and top to bottom. Born as a tractor/agricultural chemical location (1950 -1980 ) , turned into well known Citgo Truck Stop (1982-1995 ) ,July 29,1995 fire burned to the ground . Smaller version rebuilt 1996/97

  2. Smaller version kinda "snake bit " after fire. Lost it's identity . NOW look , Dad has ,with the funds from my little brothers " inheritance" , put some 21 st century amenities into the mix . Come by, check it out . Whole building being utilized . Old cafe section on west end , finished out . ? I don't know ,either a 4500 sq. foot Restaurant or a "brand New " 4500 sq. foot "boot scootin" dance floor . It's sure looking good .


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