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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

John Conlee to Play Lumberyard Friday Night

John Conlee
The Lumberyard will have a special inside show Friday evening when Mr. "Rose Colored Glasses" himself, John Conlee, comes to town. Due to space limitations, only 100 tickets will be sold.

Over the years, Conlee, a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1981, has had seven number-one hits on the country charts and fourteen in the top ten, including "Rose Colored Glasses," "Friday Night Blues," “Lady Lay Down,” “Backside of Thirty,” “Common Man,” “I’m Only in it for the Love,” “In My Eyes,” “Miss Emily's Picture,” and “Got My Heart Set on You.” 

The show begins about 9:15pm. Tickets are $60 each. For reservations and more information, contact the Lumberyard at 325-766-2457.


Ms. Bohall and one of her third-grade classes at the museum yesterday.
Jeanie Bohall’s three third-grade classes took separate field trips to the Roscoe Historical Museum yesterday to learn more about Roscoe’s history and view objects and photos from its past.

Students seemed to particularly enjoy the jail and such ancient objects as the manual typewriter.  They were also fascinated by many of the photographs, including the team photo of the 1922 football team and early pictures of downtown Roscoe.  But the most fun of all was at the end of each visit when refreshments of punch and cookies were served.



Roscoe Police Officer Steven Spencer stopped a vehicle on December 5 at about 8am and detected indicators of possible criminal activity. A consensual search of the vehicle turned up an undisclosed amount of the drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy or Molly.  The man, who was from the Dallas area, was taken into custody for possession of a felony amount of a controlled substance.



Here are the complete results of the 2014 Roscoe Livestock Show held in the Nolan County Coliseum last Saturday, December 13:


Class 1 – Steers (Cross)
            1st – Kamren Fisher (Breed Champ)
Class 2 – Heifers (Red Angus)
            1st – Jaci Alexander (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Jaden Alexander (Reserve Breed Champ)

Grand Champion Cattle - Jaci Alexander
Reserve Champion Cattle - Kamren Fisher
Showmanship - Jaci Alexander


Class 1 – Boer Goat
            1st - Kamren Fisher (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Skylar Pulatti (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Emma Pulatti

Grand Champion Goat - Kamren Fisher
Reserve Champion Goat - Skylar Pulatti
Goat Showmanship - Skylar Pulatti


Class 1 – Hair Sheep
            1st – Skylar Pulatti (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Kamren Fisher (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Emma Pulatti

Class 2 – Southdown
            1st – Emma Pulatti (Breed Champ)

Class 3 – Fine Wool
            1st – Tait Fullwood (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Lynzie Atkinson (Reserve Breed Champ)

Class 4 – Fine Wool Cross
            1st – Tait Fullwood (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Lynzie Atkinson (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – J. Lee McAnally

Class 5 – Medium Wool
            1st – Lynzie Atkinson (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Tait Fullwood (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Kamren Fisher
            4th – J Lee McAnally

Grand Champion Lamb - Lynzie Atkinson with Medium Wool
Reserve Champion Lamb - Tait Fullwood with Fine Wool
Jr. Lamb Showmanship - Emma Pulatti
Sr. Lamb Showmanship - Lynzie Atkinson


Class 1 – Lightweight Black OPB (Other Pure Bred)
            1st – Derek Creed (Breed Champ)  
            2nd – John Herrera
            3rd – Zeke Murphy
            4th – Ethan Morris
            5th – Derek Creed

Class 2 – Heavyweight Black OPB
            1st – Zeke Murphy (Reserve Breed Champ)
            2nd – Gatlyn Hoskins
            3rd – Brena Robison
            4th – Kaylee Palacios

Class 3 – White OPB
            1st – Kaylee Palacios (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Brena Robison (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Justin Herrera

Class 4 – Lightweight Hampshires
            1st – Kamren Fisher
            2nd – Cade Garrett
            3rd – Lynzie Atkison
            4th – Zeke Murphy

Class 5 – Heavyweight Hampshires
            1st – Gatlyn Hoskins (Breed Champ)
            2nd – Kaylee Palacios (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Max Nemir
            4th – Alyssa Chavez

Class 6 – Durocs
            1st – Max Nemir (Breed Champ)
            2nd – John Herrera (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Kaylee Palacios
            4th – Alyssa Chavez
            5th – Derek Creed

Class 7 – Lightweight Dark Cross
            1st – Kaylee Palacios
            2nd – Max Nemir
            3rd – Cade Garrett
            4th – Lynzie Atkison

Class 8 – Heavyweight Dark Cross
            1st – Brena Robison (Breed Champ)
            2nd – John Herrera (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Max Nemir

Class 9 – Lightweight Light Cross
            1st – Kaylee Palacios
            2nd – Cade Garrett
            3rd – Max Nemir

Class 10 – Heavyweight Light Cross
            1st – Justin Herrera (Breed Champ)
            2nd – John Herrera (Reserve Breed Champ)
            3rd – Kamren Fisher

Grand Champion Swine - Justin Herrera with Heavyweight Light Cross
Reserve Champion Swine - Max Nemir with Duroc
Jr. Swine Showmanship - Justin Herrera
Sr. Swine Showmanship - Max Nemir
Pee Wee Showmanship - Brodie Willman, Ashton and JoAnna McAnally


Olivia Saddler shoots a jumper in last night's game with Haskell.
It was a rough night at the Special Events Center yesterday for the Plowgirls as they were overpowered by the Haskell Maidens.  Haskell jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in defeating them 57-34.  The scoring by quarters was as follows:

Roscoe         6    16    24    34
Haskell      19    32    50    57

High scorer for the Plowgirls was Olivia Saddler with 13, followed by Samantha Ortega with 12.  Selena Perez had 7 and Mia Herrera 2.

The Plowgirl JV also lost to Haskell JV 27-25.

The Plowgirls’ next game is with Stamford at Stamford Friday night.  Tipoff is at 6:15pm with the JV game starting at 5:00.  They are then off for the Christmas break and won’t resume again until December 29 at the Eula Tournament.



The Plowboys lost to Guthrie and Highland but beat Rotan at the Blackland Divide Invitational here in Roscoe last weekend.

Their first game was with tournament finalist, Guthrie, who won by a score of 55-34.  Here is the scoring by quarters:

Plowboys       11        21        28       34
Guthrie           17       25        43        55    

High scorer for the Plowboys was Javier Leanos with 9 points; Roman Acuña had 8, Rafael Aguayo 6, Cutter Davila 3, Isaiah Gonzales 2, Kevin Lavalais 2, Anthony Ortegon 2, and Luis Villa 2.

The Plowboys also lost their second game, this one to Highland, 49-29.

Plowboys         14        19        25        29
Highland          17        26        38        49

Leanos had 12 points, Aguayo 10, Gonzales 5, and Acuña 2.

Then Roscoe won their final game in the tournament by downing Rotan 64-28.

Plowboys        13        33        50        64
Rotan                 4        13         20        28

Leanos had 22 points, Villa 16, Aguayo 7, Lavalais 7, Gonzales 4, Acuña 3, and Ortegon 3.

The Blackland Invitational Tournament was won by TLCA (San Angelo) with Guthrie the runner-up.

The Plowboys’ next action will be in the Eula Tournament on December 29.



The weather was on the warm side until yesterday.  Highs last weekend Thursday through Sunday were 62°F, 69°, 70°, and 70° respectively, while lows were 55°, 53°, 58°, and 51°.  Monday and yesterday were slightly cooler with highs of 60° and 53° and lows of 53° and 34°.  Saturday and Sunday were both windy with gusts to 34mph on Saturday and 39mph on Sunday.  There was no precipitation.

There is, however, a possibility of some rain within the next few days.  Today has a 20% chance, Tomorrow night and Friday it goes to 40%, and then Sunday has a 20% chance.  High temperatures should be in the fifties and sixties and lows in the forties or mid to upper thirties with no freezes in the forecast. 



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